Demographic information on GAG users

It would be useful - to me - if I had a sense of who all was actively logging in to GAG.

For example, I have a tendency to answer questions from the perspective of someone living in the U.S. However I've picked up on the fact that many on here are not from the U.S.

Everything from the content of an answer or a question (laws are often completely different in different places) to the words I use when asking, commenting, or answering a question (getting pissed in the U.S. and getting pissed in the U.K. are two totally different things) are influenced by who is reading what I have to say.

If this site compiled some data, and we could see something such as:

Yesterday (or last week or whatever) XXXX number of users logged in.

XX% were male

XX% were female

XX% were under 18

XX% were over 18

XX% were over 30

XX% were from the U.K.

XX% were from France

XX% were from Egypt

XX% were from India

XX% were from Canada

XX% were from the U.S.

XX% were from Brazil


This would both be helpful information, and interesting information too.

It doesn't sound very hard to put together.

Is this kind of data available somewhere here and I haven't found it?

Do you agree that this would be nice to have available?

Thanks for all the input so far. I could go and ask a site-admin for this information. I'm wondering if other users would find it useful if it were available to everyone, without asking for it, by way of a link or a side-display box? My professional experience tells me that this would not be difficult at all for them to do. The information is readily available to them, and it would be a fairly simple matter of writing a procedure to gather the data together, and code to display it on the page.


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  • Information like that is only available to the admins. However, I'm sure if you asked, they would happy to answer your questions. A very tiny amount of that information could be found on this blog: link

    "During the past 7 days, we’ve had roughly 15,800 answers submitted, with men in the lead by a couple thousand (come on ladies!). On an average day, we have around 2,200 answers."

    However, that's not very specific. If you contacted the admins, I'm sure they could expand on that to be more precise and include more information on the user base here. You could use the "Contact Us" feature: link -or- you could contact an admin directly (Sparrow24): link


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  • i'm from UK

    i don't if your idea is beneficial or not but it is certainly time consuming however you could take it to the GAG admin

  • That'd be kinda interesting, but wouldn't change much. It won't make people magically aware of how laws and other things are different outside the US. I'm perfectly fine with pointing out that in my country age of consent is lower than in the US, for example, or that some online clothing retailers don't ship outside the US or do ship, but charge ridiculous amounts of money for that, because you just can't expect everybody to know everything about every country, can you?

  • It'd be interesting to see these stats but I think non-Americans just expect the assumption that everyone is American. It's not really a problem. We all have a fair idea of how America is different to our own countries/cultures.

  • that would be helpful info. I seem to attract a lot of foreign attention, as in outside of the usa.

  • Im from the US :D

  • ask the people in charge


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  • According to Alexa:

    These are "visitors" which is not the same thing as posting questions and answers.

    United States 33.3%

    India 14.3%

    United Kingdom 6.3%

    Turkey 5.2%

    Canada 4.4%

    Germany 2.0%

    Pakistan 2.0%

    Australia 1.8%

    Portugal 1.8%

    Switzerland 1.8%


  • I suppose you could ask the moderators for assistance if they are willing to give you demographic information they might I don't know

  • What? You want to do the NSAs work for them?

    I'm from the UK,

    (damn, bet that saved them a dollar)

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