Why was I charged 1000 Xper points to feature my questions when the website states it costs 500?

Nothing to flip out over or anything obviously but, is anyone going to address that in the future?

If it's a glitch or something, I can take a screenshot.

I got a message back, apparently the 500 Xper per feature question was a pretty recent change, and that the 7 Questions I had decided to feature were old and before the change had been made.


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  • It may just be a glitch. Try contacting the admins and they'll probably give you back the 500 redeemable xyper points.


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  • It's probably a glitch. Just messaged them.


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  • which question was it?

    • "If you were offered immortality would you take it?

      "When was the last time you hugged your parents?"

      "What monster scared you the most when you were a child?"

      "If you could have any fictional weapon, what would it be?"

      "Top 3 Favorite Cartoon shows of the 90's?"

      "What would be your interpretation of Satan?"

      and I think like, two other ones. It doesn't keep a list, at least not one I can see. All of my featured questions, I have always been charged 1k Xper.

    • Some of those questions are old. I thought it was more recently that they lowered the exp cost for features.

    • Whhops, just read the update so you already have the answer.

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