What major effect has an answer of GAG had on either your life in general or for a specific purpose?

You may have asked a question or been looking at questions others have asked, and an answer struck you as important to you. It may have answered a question or given you insight on how others view things or maybe suggested a change in your life that you found important. What was said and how did it help you?


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  • None really, I don't get too many great answers

    • Sorry that you have not gotten great answers. In this case, I am not getting many answers of any kind. I always try to give Best Answer, and since you are the only one answering this in a whole day, it goes to you. And I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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  • None.I feel most of the time it is like the blind leading the blind.Haha.By the way, thanks so much for your comment on my old post:)

    • I was glad to help your explanation about snoring. I think the problem was a language difficulty. The asker said that her father went to a doctor who found that his functioning was not harmed. His snoring was NOT hurting him and no treatments stopped his snoring. At that point nothing more could be done and he was fine. Your response to that went back to it could be dangerous and we need to focus on helping. She already said everything had already been done. After that point she got angry and unreasonable and she was not interested in understanding what you were saying. I stepped in at that point to let you know that you were correct in what you said and to diffuse the Question Asker's anger. I thought at that point that she would attack me and that is okay, but she just stopped, which is better. there are many people on here who do not care if they understand, but will rant on anyway.

    • Thanks for taking the risk for me.Haha :-D Some of the comments on that day were actually not in the correct order because of some signal problem in my area and I had apologised to her for that but I don't think she believed.So sometimes what people see may not be the real thing.Haha.
      @I think the problem was a language difficulty.
      Her English is good but mine is quite hopeless:(

    • There is a language problem, but it is not as great as you think. Your ability with English is quite good, just a few minor problems. I was happy to be of help.

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