When are we going to be able to post pictures without links?

We were told this site was going to have new features by January. We are already in February and all you've done is change the profile images which do nothing for us at all.

We were told pictures were going to be able to be seen in our questions instead of posting links to a picture.

That were going to be able to see who up and down votes us.

Who viewed our profiles, and be able to block anonymous users who troll with ignorant answers.

When do we see these canges? Or are the images the ONLY changes we're getting this year? I fail to see how they help us at all?


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  • The admins on GAG always promise they're going to do something but they never do it.

    They said last year that there'd be big changes in OCTOBER. Did that happen? no

    • and considering half of the people here are now some type of "moderator/admin", I'm beginning to think this site is run by a bunch of incompetent newbies and don't know how to properly manage and handle a website, so they just convert any user into moderator to help them do their job. Soon they'll have an option upon registering, click this box if you want to register as admin. and everyone here will be a moderator. It's ridiculous.

    • Everything is changing, these things take time and a lot of work. They are coming, very soon, so don't be so negative :-P

    • I breathe negativity

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  • Actually, they didn't reveal anything about what will be coming in the next update. They had an original target release time but I guess things were delayed. The reason why I believe its taking so long is that they are still working out bugs and such in order to ensure that they release a good version of the update. Wouldn't want them to rush out something that doesn't work.

    • Then they shouldn't give a date and not go through with it.

      Similarly to when you go to a restauruant, they tend to tell you 30 minute wait, if it's like a 15 minute wait, because they'd get in trouble if they tell you 15 minutes and have you waiting 20+ minutes.

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    • no one can predict the amount of time it's going to take. when people say "15 minutes" or whatever, it's an estimate. things change

    • Yes, no-one can predict the amount of time it's going to take, so then why give a date?

      If you;re not gonna follow through, don't give a date. They could have kept it as; "soon", or "in this upcoming year".. etc.

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  • The changes are coming (very VERY soon), but these things take time and a lot of work. There's no need to feel discouraged, we're working very hard to make it great for you guys.

    • And as for your specifics, we never verified those changes (viewing profiles, blocking anonymous users, seeing who upvotes and downvotes). Please remember a lot of rumors fly around the site and most are incorrect.

    • So what exactly are you guys changing? None of what I said?

    • It will be a completely new version of GAG but we're reluctant to give spoilers... so you guys will see VERY soon, I promise :-)

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