Should we be able to ask questions by profession?

Should we be able to request answers, say, from psychologists only?

I'm not saying other would be barred from answering, but if there was a category of questions by profession where psychologists could look for people asking for their input specifically...



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  • I don't think we'd have enough people in each profession for something like that. Most people here are too young to be that far into their career to begin with.

    • Quite true, but they might want advice and there are no doubt a few people here from most professions or at least, say, graduate students or people in medical school.

      Precisely because they are only a few and most people don't identify themselves by profession so those seeking specific advice wouldn't know where to find them... wouldn't such an option be useful?

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  • Are there even any psychologists on the site?

    • I don't think so and if there are it's probably like 2

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    • um, I think those were Psych students Marty... I know we have a few of them.

    • Even so, wouldn't it be good to know where to find them?

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  • I don't think it would be a good idea. Particularly with a psychologist category. There are a lot of messed up angry guys here, because they can't get a date. A "free psychologist would be completely inundated with questions. There is no way they could keep up with it. And if they only answered certain questions. Well there's another complaint that would start brewing.


    • Well rue, but there would be no obligation to answer questions! The professional people only have so much free time, I'm sure, when they aren't getting paid..

      Some psychologists have asked questions, on here, conducting a sort of research survey..

    • Sure there is no obligation. And I don't doubt psychologists have done research here. But I feel if you are putting questions in to profession related categories the chances of getting an answer are greatly reduced. By putting a question in the "other" category you will get answers, for the most part. Now a lot of these answers are just an opinion or maybe a life experience. Obviously you may not get an answer that you can completely use. But maybe you can take part of one answer...

    • and part of another. Possibly put it together and get something that works for you. But I feel if you put the same question in a profession related category not as many people will see it. a fair amount of people would shy away from such categories. Less people would see a question in a firefighting category if firefighting isn't their profession. I think this way with a generic category "other" is better and more likely to get an answer. Whether you can use it or not is another story.