Anyone else notice this when they come on GAG for relationship advice?

I notice on here when you're having some trouble with a particular issure with a guy/girl. Everyone automatically says drop him or her or oh they're just not interested. To me if you really like the person that is easier said than done. And those two particular answers makes you lose all hope in him or her.


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  • I try to see both sides when I give answers to people relationships issues. I know for a fact that it's hard to get on here and ask for advice when you can't give every little detail about your relationship. Usually when a couple has an argument there is more to the story. You can't put words to a feeling or intuition. So like, you may think you two are perfect and he may feel the same but you may have an issue you want advice on so you ask here... but we , the readers, do not know the feeling you share together or how many happy times you had prior to this. We just read the issue and that's that... I think that's why so many people advice you leave the relationship. I think if two people are together then you should work it out.. give it more unless we're talking about cheating lol


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  • Of course its easier said than done but you have to understand people are working on limited information and of course only one side of the argument.

  • I've definitely noticed that. Sometimes, yeah, it does sound like the best thing is to lose them, but people don't really know the whole story, and are quick to judge. Like if a guy does one stupid thing, people automatically say to drop him. But it's hard to do that when he has been a sweetheart all along. It's hard finding a balance of saying how you really feel, and making your question quick and to the point, so that people will answer. One person who says they love a guy may be delusional or could be getting taken advantage of by him ( and leaving that part out), yet another girl could say she loves a guy and could be genuinely confused, because she thought he was the one. When I'm asking a question that I really need answers to, I go to my family and friends first (because they know me and are able to see my emotions and everything) and then I come on here for objective advice. Sometimes, both sides say the same thing, and other times, they don't.