Rewarding a new Best Answer.

This question, I guess, is more for an administrator. If I were to give person A best answer week 1, and then give person B best answer for the same question week 2, what happens with the points on that?

Does Person A keep their 10 points that they received from me selecting them as best answer. Does person B receive 10 points despite the fact that they weren't the first best answer? And if I were to give Person A best answer week 1, Person B week 2, and then week 3 decided to give Person A the best answer once again, will person A then receive 10 points from the first time I give him/her best answer, and then get another 10 points the second time around?


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  • martyfellow has some good points. It makes sense too! I feel the exact same way! But I also think when a person chooses a best answer they do it for one of two reasons.

    1) they hadn't picked an answer in x amount of time, so just randomly chooses a BA to someone to give someone random the points

    2) picking an answer that satisfys the needs of the person asking the question. What is most relevant and helps them the most based on the question. That person would get BA then.

    But then what happens if several answers help the person asking the question, what then? How do you decide then? Maybe you pick the one that answered first, that helped, maybe you base it on gender, maybe on age, maybe on how up arrows it gets, and if all of this fails, you don't choose a BA so no one gets the points and no one actually loses it.

    But generally yea, you give one person BA they get the points but if you decide to change BA that person gets the points and the first person loses the poins they should of earned. In my opinion it's just messed up. People should not be able to change their chose for BA. At least that's what I think happens, it would make sense. Cause is it right for several people to get the points for the BA if you keep changing it? Then everyone would be getting points and all of our XPer would be really high!

    • You both make some good points. I just don't agree that a person shouldn't be allowed to change the best answer. I normally don't give out BA, but there was one time where I gave a BA after some time had passed. About a year later, once I forgot about the question someone new gave an answer. That new answer actually answered every question of mine to a T and with proof so I changed the BA because I thought that they deserved it and shouldn't be ruled out just because they answered too late.

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    • Right, just gotta find ways that aren't easily exploitable for those that are trying to rack up xper points.

    • Yup! That's what I keep trying to do! Lol.

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  • I have no idea about the points but this is an interesting question, particularly after reading the responses. Firstly I totally don't care about points. If you're answering questions to get points you're here for the wrong reasons. If someone marks my answer as best answer I'm happy cause I feel like I helped them, it's hard to sometimes understand all the connotations via the Internet so if I've got it and helped them I'm happy. I didn't know you could change best answer and have to say I think the idea that someone would select one based on gender is a bit far fetched. However I have had someone post comments requesting I select best answer after 24 hrs. I wait and think until I'm sure I'm making the right call since conscious that although its a small thing for me there are people with feelings on the other sides of those answers. Maybe the question should be not about the points for changing ba but whether you should change it at all? Maybe if everyone took the time to seriously consider the time and effort put into these answers and not just impulsively pick one it could have a better outcome and you wouldn't need to change it

  • when I first started the first question I answered I received ba then like an hour later the guy gave it to another person. I had spent like 30minutes commenting and trying to give advice because he kept asking me questions. I felt kinda sad. not about the pts but being kicked to the curb.

  • I thought you could only give one best answer per question. That's news to me...

    • You can only give one best answer, but you can change who you give the best answer after you've already given it to someone. So, for example. I could give you the best answer. Then I can decide to take away your best answer and give it to Martyfellow.

    • Yeah, but you're assuming that the points don't follow along with the "best answer" title

  • Person A loses their 10 points


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  • I'mm not an admin, but I know what happens,

    I have lost Best Answer several times, often to someone of the 'better' gender, you can guess which one... who give like a two-word answer

    ...what happens is I lose my 10 points and my satisfaction for getting best answer. This is only a game, of course, but it really frosts me when this happens. I personally think you shouldn't be allowed to change your Best Answer.

    The first time it's given is for an answer that is objectively good; the second time, it's usually obviously based on purely biased and discriminatory grounds, generally gender fascism


    • I'm gonna have to disagree with the last part. I could give a best answer, and then a couple of months later a new answer comes along that is a better answer objectively, and shouldn't miss out on best answer just because it was late to the game. I normally don't give out best answers, but this question made prompted me to ask this question.


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    • I don't know. I have to wait to see if anyone else answers with a better question. I don't want to change my best answer once I give it out. xD

    • answers with a better *answer*

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