For super moderators or admins?

Do you ever see a response that gets you to laugh pretty hard, but you realize you're required to remove it because it violates rules? I imagine that's tough to remove it sometimes.


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  • There are some posts that I find funny, especially because I personally don't get offended by them, but ironically find their attempt to offend everyone hilarious.

    Also, sometimes I find nonsensical posts really funny, for obvious reasons. They're usually funny because I just can't imagine being the kind of person who would post such a thing, haha!

    • I think it's funny sometimes when people troll obnoxious questions vulgarly. I normally do it in a more political correct way but also give them crap.

      Nonsensical posts like asking, "aihjfoaheoihfao;ishefoi?" lol. I just figure someone drank a mountain dew and has a sugar rush lol.

      It does add an interesting dimension to the site when occasional wayward stuff, that eventually gets taken down, happens.

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    • Haha! No, we don't want it on the site at all.

    • Alright (._.)

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  • I've wondered this too.

    Hey StacyZee, Sparrow, and other admins that I don't recall off the top of my head right now...what's say you?

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