The Best Answer Conundrum. What to do?

So you have asked a question here, and you're going through the replys. To find someone to give the "Best Answer" acknowledgement to.

Are you more likely to choose a user who identifies himself with a nickname over the anonymous replies?

Or is Best Answer, the Best Answer regardless of who it comes from?


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  • I would go with best answer regardless of who it comes from. Besides anon users write some of the best answers.


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  • Best Answer is generally whatever the question asker agrees with most. Not necessarily the best answer. I normally don't give out best answers, because most of my questions, there really isn't a best answer that needs to be rewarded because no one really had the best answer objectively. If I do give out a best answer, it is to whomever answered my question to a T. I've given best answers to people that I disagreed with on their answer. Didn't agree at all with their answer, but they were the only ones that actually answered my question entirely. Them being anonymous is irrelevant for me.