Why do I sometimes lose all the text that I have typed when I am submitting them?

What I mean is that sometimes I type out a big chunk of words but when I try to submit it,it just disappears and I lose it and have to retype everything again.Sometimes I am able to submit only after 3-4 attempts.

So now I copy all my comments,questions,answers and messages to the clipboard if they are long before submitting them in case I lose them again and have to retype everything :-(((

I'm sure I'm not the only one as I have come across a few GAGers who also have this problem.Please help and many thanks!


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  • Nope. It happens to everyone.

    The site goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity. ie: Switching questions or forms. It doesn't recognize that you're typing. So if you type to long, when you submit it "awakens the site" and you end up losing your message.

    All you can do as you are doing is copy the message, and paste if need be.


    • Ok,thanks so much :-)

      I notice it also helps if I hit the "comment" button harder when I am submitting.

    • That does it to.

      You're welcome


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