What are your opinions on the NEW GirlsAskGuys experience?

Welcome to the NEW GirlsAskGuys!

We've made a lot of changes, as you guys must have noticed :-)

Here are couple of them:
- Instead of categories, we now have more specific Topics to help you find the kinds of questions you're interested in
- You can sign in with your social media accounts, making it faster and easier to log in
- Answers are now called Opinions… so you can share your opinions and experiences to help the opposite sex
- We now have a Site News box on the side, to keep you guys updated at all times
- And so much more...

Please check the What's New section on our new FAQ page to learn all about the new features on G@G:


We want to know what you guys think!
Is there something we could improve?
What do you love about the new version?
What do you not like about any of the changes?
Is there something you were hoping to see that isn't here?

Whatever's on your mind, we want to know :-)
How are you liking the new G@G experience?
What are your opinions?

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thanks for the great feedback so far... We are closely following your opinions and comments. We will be making continuous updates to improve. After 6 years of same design and user interface, we totally understand the challenges :)
There will be an orientation phase for all of us, that's for sure... But please do keep sending us your feedback as you use the site more. Thanks for all the input.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pretty much looking for silver linings here.


    New polls are nice.
    500 characters in replies to comments are nice.
    Columns are nice.
    General aesthetics are nice.

    Buried account options (answers, questions, etc) are terrible.
    Reduction of answer length by 1000 characters is terrible.
    The whole layout of topics and questions is absolutely awful. Finding questions takes way too many clicks.
    The feed is terrible. I want to see hot questions, not every time someone answers something.
    The number of new topics is far too much and too granular.
    The expansion of topics like religion, politics, sports, etc is a big negative. This site is called girls ask guys. There was already too much off topic nonsense on GAG, and now you're encouraging more of it. I don't come here to talk about religion and politics.
    I don't much care about Xper, but dropping people levels is still kind of a dick move. Should have added more levels instead of adjusting the ranges.
    The mobile site is beyond awful. Too much space, too big of fonts, so very little is ever displayed at one time. Everything is buried under layer after layer of menus.

    • I like how you stated the "PROs" of this site. Not a lot of people state the positive, and instead they delve into the negatives all the way.

      For your last CON, I think they are working on a mobile app to resolve this issues. Patience can be your friend here.

    • You can filter My Feed and Live Feed by specific activities, to give yourself a better look at what's going on.

      In Live Feed, you can filter by All, Questions, Question Updates, Opinions, Opinion Comments, Most Helpful Awards, and Article Comments.

      In My Feed, you can filter by All, My Activity, Topics I Follow, Users I Follow, Questions I Follow, and Articles I Follow.

      I hope that helps :-)

    • I completely agree with most of what you have mentioned.

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  • I really like it. It looks a lot more modern and simpler to use. I'm going to have to get used to the "topics" instead of "categories" but I think it's a good change. I will probably use the live feed on this version more than I did on the old GAG. It's a huge change for the better in my opinion. I also like the change from "answers" to "opinions" because really, everything on here IS comprised of opinions. So, I think that just clarifies it. I'm liking it so far:)

    • To me it just seems more complicated... They moved all the buttons and changed them around, renamed them, recategorized them. I can't find my friend's list, among other things now lol

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    • For everyone who hasn't seen yet. Take a look at the FAQ page. It explains ALL of the new changes, where everything is, and the differences between the old site and this one:) https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq

    • haha luckily I'm not too far from getting it again I think..

  • It's a lot harder to find things. The layout is so big and wide and open looking, yet at the same time cluttered. It makes me feel lost on the page, and I can't tell what I'm even looking at. And they went a little overboard on the categories- there are SO MANY that it gets to a point where it's hard to know which category to choose, or where to look for a specific question.

    For example, do we really need "Sexual Health" AND "Pregnancy and Birth Control"? "Mental Health" AND "Self Esteem"? With more general categories, it's easier to group the questions together in a predictable way so that you know where to look for them. I mean, you just KNOW that someone is going to post a "Birth Control" question in "Sexual Health", and then someone looking for Birth Control questions in the Birth Control section is going to miss out on that question. It makes me feel overwhelmed.

    It's just generally overwhelming. That's how I would describe it.

    • It's like a lot of blank space with little bits of writing scattered around. Titles are less distinct. The old site had really nice borders and boxes that made the page a lot easier to look at and much easier for the eye to navigate around.

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    • I agree! Plus "Gender Differences" or whatever that one is also covers that territory as well. It's just very redundant.

    • However, I do like the fact that they have started calling responses to questions "opinions" instead of "answers". It acknowledges the fact that people could be wrong etc. or that maybe it's not a question with "right" and "wrong" answers.

  • Hate the topics thing; it's hard to figure out what I want to look at or ask, etc. It's going to be harder to find questions to answer and harder to decide where to put my questions. Just keep the old categories- they were fine!

    I'm not really loving the layout either, it's a LOT harder to navigate and I've never been fond of drop down lists, especially when I use my tablet. Maybe I need time to get used to it?

    I'm not yet fully comfortable with the girls/guys being side-to-side but I *almost* think I'll get used to it, but probably not.

    I like the fact that you can see the genders that voted up or down- very insightful. But the actual up/down voter buttons are hard to see.

    I like that their now 'opinions' instead of 'answers' but as someone below pointed out, sometimes 'answer' is the better word to use. So, on that one? Meh, I don't mind if you keep it or lose it. The ONLY problem I see is that the "Q" and "O" look too much alike when you look at stats.

    Also, I totally get that the featured questions should be at the top, but when I looked at it a minute ago, I clicked the "No Opinions" one and the featured two were at the top so I got really confused- I thought maybe a bug, it wasn't updating, I was pressing the wrong button, etc. 'Course, part of that's my own stupidity but like others have said, it's too spaced out and wide now.

    I'm actually loving the new poll system look though.

    I don't like how on questions you have to do 'show more' to see all the answers. Kind of annoying. Just because someone answered 3 days ago, their opinion shouldn't be less valid and unseen.

    Does it say when a question was asked? 'Cause I can't find that.

    I do like the new profile pages, but bigger profile pictures and names for there and on questions, please!

    • Great feedback, thank you!

      To see when and what questions are being asked, you can see them ALL regardless of Topic in Live Feed and Recent. You can see all activity from questions, Topics, and Users you are Following in My Feed.

      Hope that helps there!

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    • Unless that's not new and I just never noticed that before, which is entirely possible.

    • Nope, that's new :-)

      Glad you found the "when" a question was asked, right above the Follow button (in case others didn't see it).

  • I'm not really a fan of the new layout. Was a change needed? Perhaps, however I don't like the new layout because you have to scroll so much more to see other people's opinions, and I find having to select categories to follow a bit much. I also don't like that I was bumped down a level with the new changes. That's kind of sucky for people who have been on the site for a long time. Not sure I like that at all.

    I'll have to check out the mobile version, because using the site on my phone in the past was pretty much impossible. A mobile friendly version was definitely needed. But to overhaul what was already a pretty decent site, in my opinion was not needed. But I'll give it a try.

    • it's not that bad, tbh. we all have different opinions though i can't really argue with that.

  • Things that I like:
    The over all design looks a little neater (but also a bit more stale, which I don't enjoy), and I like the fact that girls' and guys' answers are next to each other now. I guess I like the new point system, but then again, I don't come on here for the points. I like the new rank, Master. I also like new new upvote/downvote system.

    Things that I dislike:
    The lack of borders and boxes that surround the text. There are almost none, and so far I've only seen these faint gray lines. I don't like it. It makes everything seem messy and out of place, and as if everything's sort of blending in. The borders should be bolder and darker, to clearly section out the different parts of the site.
    Too. Many. Categories. Asking out, Break up & divorce, Flirting, Cheating, Crush, Dating, Kissing & cuddling... all of those categories (and categories similar to them) should just go back to merging into the "Dating" category. Or make a Relationships category out of it, I don't know. Point is, it makes browsing a lot more time consuming. Instead of seeing everything I want to see in one place, I now have to browse through the entire site just to maybe see a few things that catch my eye. It's not convenient. Whenever I used to come to the old version, I'd visit every day roughly 10 times, and for 5-30 minutes each time. To me the old version was convenient because it was so easy to navigate through the few categories we had, which meant that I didn't have to spend all too long trying to find a few questions to answer. Now I feel like I have to spend a lot more time on finding stuff (and I've already gotten used to the new look...)
    Don't feel like the reduction of answer length was necessary. And although I like the new Master rank, I feel like changing the limit to Guru was stupid. I was already a Guru and now I have to gain another 8000 xper to be a Guru again? Seriously... talk about unnecessary.

    • I also think you should have stuck with calling the answers "answers" and not "opinions". It just sounds better, and sometimes we actually do give legit answers and not mere opinions.
      Some more color could also be added to this site. I feel like the gray is a bit too overpowering.

    • I agree with you. I was able to 'follow' different categories and then have them show up in 'my feed'. which is under Live Feed. The problem is the topics you are following show EVERYTHING (every comment, every opinion, every question), and there is no way to shape the content that appears. If we could limit to just questions, the feed might at least give you a resemblance of the old gag.

    • Pedantic, you can filter by activity AND gender in both feeds :-)
      From the Feed, you'll see a drop down menu on the right, right on top of the Feed... default to ALL. If you click that, you'll see you can filter by questions, question updates, opinions, comments, etc.
      I hope that helps :-)

  • Honestly, I felt like a new users logging back onto this website. My first impression was "it's too much." There seems to be too much going on all at once, trying to capture users attentions.

    I keep flip flopping as to how I feel about the amount of topics offered.

    I do understand why some of the more popular subjects were broken down into groups. I understand the need for "politics & government," "Religion," Behavior."

    But "weight & diet," "Fitness," "health" and "Diet and exercise?"
    That seems a bit excessive. As does the "Being Single," "Asking Out," "Crush," "Dancing and partying," "Friends with benefits," "Holidays and celebrations," "Virginity," "Kissing and cuddling" and some other topics.

    I think some of the topics need to be eliminated and merged.

    I'm also not liking how it looks when viewing answers. I liked being able to continuously scroll down; much more convenient. I did prefer the previous look of one gender first, then other genders responses. A side by side view makes it look messy and confusing.

    The blocking system is a positive.

    I would say I do prefer the old GaG.

    Here's my take: Don't fix what ain't broken.

    Yes, there were many problems with the old GaG. The blocking system was flawed, the choice of moderators/supermoderators was questionable and the amount of repetitive questions was annoying, but for the most part I don't think users had a problem with the layout. The biggest complaint was the whole lack of IM. I never really used it so it wasn't a problem for me, but, I get why some users want it back.

  • I think it's horrendous. I am having a hart time navigating around the site and being here 4 years I have grown to know the old site. I miss it! And don't know how much longer I'll be staying now because of it.

    • There was nothing wrong with the old site. It is what I knew for 4 years and it was "GAG." A familiar place with a familiar and easy layout. I feel like I'm floating around on the page, and as another user said, I feel very overwhelmed.

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    • I understand how you feel. You're trying to reach the peak, only to discover that it's a false summit (dragged down). This is one of the biggest disappointment on the new GAG experience and you're not alone in here.

      It's true that it's quite hard to navigate the site due to lots of navigations required just to reach a certain topic/question.

      But I would like to hear what you like with the new site. May I hear it? Losing a loyal user like you will give a big blow to the community.

    • @HandsomeRaj... lol it took me years to become a Guru! And now all those years have flushed down the drain. I understand I can work to become a Guru again... but all those years I spent building points to become Guru and it's... gone. @Racez there is nothing I like about the new site.

  • I was really excited about the changes being introduced to the site... but now I am teetering on hoping you guys go back to the old one.

    I think change is GREAT! However, i think you have WAY TOO many things going on at once! Its extremely distracting! I don't like the fact that questions are SUPER catorgorized. I don't think there is a need for 50 different categories for questions. Personally, i think being able to search using key words is a fantastic option. the same as it was before. ESPECIALLY since most questions are asked OVER AND OVER.

    It would also be great if you would continue to highlight NEW comments to answers. Because of the screen being SO busy, its difficult to see who has responded to an answer without it being highlighted.

    Im going to attempt to play with the mobile app, but for right now... its too BUSY in addition to the desktop version. I don't understand how making a site way to busy and cramming everything all at once creates mental stimulation to actually WANT to stay on a site. I have experienced sites like this before, and all it does is make me want to exit if too many things are occurring at once. This site isn't just an entertainment site... like (Perez Hilton or E!). I say that because those sites can afford to be overly busy because people aren't actually seriously trying to give opinions to peoples life dilemmas.

    But when Im actually trying to THINK... nope. Sorry, some of these changes need to be improved upon for sure. Also, where are my friends? Or followers? I don't quite feel a sense of community here with all of the bells and whistles that have been added. I also feel like it takes me about 8 minutes just to navigate to get to the point of answering a question.

    That's all for now...

    Thanks for listening.


    • but I HATE the new version... just saying

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    • I feel like a lot of unnecessary changes were made. I also believe that calling our answers "opinions" was unnecessary. Please change it back to ANSWERS or RESPONSES. Every question is not going to be responded to with a mere opinion. Lets just say, i haven't answered not ONE question on here today because I wasn't able to through the mobile site, AND now using the desktop version... im not even motivated to because its a PROCESS. I hope things get better.

    • Thanks for your feedback.

      You mentioned blocking... members are still able to block others. Just remember, now, when you block someone, you can't post on their posts either.

  • I find the changes so confusing and difficult that my interest in participating no longer exist. Will wait a week or so to see if management gets back to reality and returns the site to it's original and easy to follow format. If they do not I will simply go away!

    • I understand how you feel. It's quite confusing to me as well when I first started to use it because of lots of navigation required.

      What do you like about the original format that makes it more superior to this one?

    • I like how the older one had a huge database to look up questions. The new one has the old questions but the majority of poll results are now gone from each poll making the old database, and a valuable feature that brings people to GAG, now useless.

  • a few times harder to navigate and it's not easy to spot things. Kinda reminded me when flickr changed their whole layout, i couldn't effin get into my account anymore easily. I 'd stopped using it. I can't foresee myself staying here in GaG once 2015 arrives...

    • I understand how you feel. The time consuming navigation is quite overwhelming.

      I hope you will stay with us for a while until the GAG admin has released a new version for a more community-friendly layout

  • Looks very professional, the idea of the specific topics is great, so is the news feed box. However the profiles of people's is also a good idea nevertheless complicated - I'd prefer to know who I was friends with - now its called following and at first I thought why I should follow Vandal and then realised what it meant and nearly unfollowed him because I thought I had to add all my friends again. Like I said on another post its complicated and will take getting used to.

  • its alright… its just because its completely different. i guess we'll all have to get used to it. good job all in all. I'm usually a fast learner so i should b ok:P

  • It's harder to navigate, there are too many categories and the layout is complicated. This is probably a good thing, cos I think I will now be using GAG a lot less.

  • I like it, but so far I've noticed that we only get 2000 characters to reply instead of 3000. Also I noticed the Xper levels changed slightly - I was like 300 points away from becoming a Guru and now I have to earn another 10K points, urghhhhhhh! Oh well :)

    • lol... same situation :P xD

    • Haha, yeah I was like ARGHHHH!

      OOH, I do like that we get 500 characters to comment with instead of 200 or whatever it was before. That's nice!

    • I also dropped 2 levels since last night.

  • I logged in after being away for a few weeks... Think it's not so much about adapting to new site, that anyone will end up doing give or take some time, but more of liking it and feeling it runs smoothly?
    Now frames/ windows are so large and there's so much space in between text that I found myself scrolling and scrolling... The design lacks some proportion. Also I'm not sure I like girls and guys' opinions being side by side... you either read one column or the other, isn't it? This isn't a newspaper for you to get slapped with news and info everywhere you look at.

    When signing back in, why did we have to choose at least 3 subjects to be spammed with? I don't really care about "my feed", but the "live feed" board is somewhat interesting. As long as different topics from all over the website keep popping up, not just the same old types like the ones which were also usually always featured on the previous version.

    Another thing is that even "answers" are now called "opinions"... So politically correct, but if you ask a question, makes sense calling it an answer, even if you do end up getting opinions^^;; Otherwise you should also put "ask for an opinion" or "any thoughts?" and not "ask a question", right? Actually, I think opinions is something people have and form after getting to know a subject well, like after studying it or living with it for a while. Here people are probably just sharing their thoughts since most questions are too subjective and lack details and information for you to give an opinion.
    In my humble "opinion", haha.

    • Also now you have to vote a comment, sorry, an opinion up or down in order to see how many people agreed and disagreed with what that user said as well, like in polls? Getting to know by gender the number of people who voted up or down could be interesting...

  • I don't mind it in general, I'd just like to have the menu bar with all the categories back. I don't like how you can access the questions now. Maybe there's a shortcut, but I didn't find it yet.

    I love the new polls, up/down votes and that there are more categories

    • Hi Izzy2102! To access the questions you have actually many ways.

      One of them is hovering over the tab "Share opinion" at the top of the page and choosing recent questions, trending questions, etc.

      You can also browse each topic to see questions related to those topics, by clicking on the tab "Browse" at the top of the page.

      And you can see incoming questions on the Live Feed and on your My Feed.

      I hope it helped!

    • I know but it always takes several clicks to get to a certain category, which is annoying

      Not so much a fan of the live fee because it also features comments, which I'm not so keen about. I also don't care recent or tending questions, I really want them filtered by category

  • I don't like this at all

    • Can you tell us more about what you don't like, specifically? We're wanting to know :-)

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    • I'll tell you one thing I do love though. being able to see if it was a male or female who voted an opinion up or down lol

    • ugh and now if I ask a question I can't go back later and change it to anonymous? I'm considering deleting my account now.

  • Too big, too bright. Where the hell are my questions and answers? Why is everything so wide and spaced out? It looks like it's still in beta version. You need to format it so it fits the page. Also hard to navigate.

    • I agree. too wide and hard to navigate.
      There was nothing wrong with the old layout.

    • Hi Miyani11... You can actually size it in your way, it's a reponsive design. So, if you resize your browser window the site design will adapt to it, getting rid of white space if you have any... One thing to remember though, if you resize your window to a smaller size, you will lose the modules on the far right column.. When you enlarge the window you will be seeing them again..
      As for your questions and answers, are you not able to see them in your profile? Please let us know.. thanks

    • By the way, what screen resolution are you using? I am assuming you are on desktop version.

  • Why can't the questions be newest to oldest so we can see recently asked questions from our profile? Mine are all jumbled up and not easy to find.

    • Questions are organized from newest to oldest, in Live Feed, in My Feed, in question lists, on your profile, everywhere.
      Where are you saying it's jumbled?

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    • Some old notifications were brought over in the transition.
      It sounds like you have notifications for those older questions, which is why they're showing on top.
      Clearing out those notifications by going to the question will ensure your questions will be in order from newest to oldest :-)

    • Can you check again? This should be fixed with your old notifications gone...

  • Several things, so very glad you asked!

    1. There are too many categories. It was much simpler and therefore much more efficient with fewer categories. In addition, I much prefer them to be listed along the top. Having to browse through so many categories results in me answering fewer questions which means I'll use it less.
    2. The larger font and greater use of white space means that it takes longer to scroll through the answers, which in turn makes it more tedious, which means I'll use it less. Meanwhile the profile pics are so small you can't see them.
    3. I HATE the new follower system. I shouldn't have to make my entire account public just to allow someone new to follow me. I much prefer the old friend system.

    These changes as they are will result in reduced usage, which will of course result in less advertising and ultimately a monetary loss for GAG. Please, at least fix these three things.

    • I agree with the follow thing. There are people I'd like to follow but I feel weird requesting friendships from people with private profiles. Private profiles might as well have a no solicitors sign on them. Not that that's a bad thing.

    • I agree with all three of these! Well put.

  • I think we can all adjust in time, but there is one change I wish you had made. Obviously, this website is "Girls as Guys", but it would be nice to see an "other" section. You know, for those of the community who are gender neutral. Just a thought, please don't kill me for this.

  • I absolutely hate the topics. Bring back the categories! The topics are too specific and it's hard to navigate. Not everything fits into the topics. Other than that I can't complain too much I guess.

  • I like that there's new categories but there's just TOO many new ones. And some of them have overlapping ideas e. g. Women's Behavior and Men's Behavior. Why can't it just be combined as Behavior instead?
    I also don't like that guy's answers are on one side and girl's are on the other. It's giving me a headache to look at. It was better going vertically like the old version.
    I also don't like the new like and dislike buttons, the new poll design, and the fact that it's too hard to navigate. The other navigation was perfectly fine.
    The coloring also is weird and makes it hard to see where buttons are. There's too much white and it's causing the pink and the blue to be a bit overwhelming.
    I appreciate the attempt but it was perfectly fine the way it was before.
    Also, I need the spell check back.

    • You can adjust the amount of whiteness by changing the size of your browser windows... the site will conform :-)

    • It's not that. The contrast between the white and the brightness in the pink and blue is giving me a headache.

  • I like how it shows which gender upvoted you or downvoted you. That's insightful.

    • Also, I don't want it to say "OPINIONS." I'd rather it just say "ANSWERS"

  • I much prefer the old version being honest. It was simpler to navigate and was much less divided. All these new topics are great but it's not as easy as it used to be when changing topic-now instead of just clicking a single link you have to go through multiple steps. Personally i'm not a fan of the whole tile theme either, seems much too blocky and complicated for what used to be something simple.

  • I'm still getting used to the new site, but liking the layout so far. My only complaint is that the categories are too expansive. It's harder to browse across categories since there are so many of them. I find myself relying more on the live feed.

    I would prefer a modified version of the old categories. For example, there would still be the "other" category that people can click on, but if you hover over it there would be a drop down menu of the sub-categories like "sports" if people are looking for something more specific.

    Basically, better filters.

  • When I think about it, GAG really does not need a new version at all! Could you please bring back the good old GAG? There's really nothing wrong with the old GAG at all, except that the messaging feature is not good. I actually feel like leaving GAG for good if not because of my friends on here :-(((

  • Loving the new layout, topic options--everything! It's much more responsive and pleasant to navigate. I've been off from a while (busy with school) but I'll be visiting more (and there's a mobile option? YES)!

  • I like it. I am just not used to it yet. I wish there was a spot on the top of the page that just said new answers on it so I didn't have to click on the icon. It was faster an easier to see if you had answers last time. I agree w/ whoever said they miss the boxes w/ lines around them. There's a lot of white space w/ a ton of text. Can any changes be made? I like the side by side of girls and guys opinions. I like that it says opinions and not answers... because they really are opinions. I don't get the topic thing. I miss the categories and I haven't been able to figure out the topic bit... when we just had a few to pick from it was easier, I think. I feel like my questions will never be seen.

  • Too much going on all at once. Simplicity is truly a blessing.

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  • I'm still getting used it. Maybe it is an improvement but until I get used to it it's hard to form an opinion. some initial observations:

    -The majority of the changes are aesthetic. The design has changed, the way questions are organized has changed, the terminology has changed (answers are now called "opinions" for example). But there's really not much added in terms of functionality. There's not much you can do with the new site that you couldn't do with the old one, it just looks different and stuff is harder to find.

    -The whole browse thing is sort of confusing. It takes more clicks to get to asking and answering questions.

    -The 2000 character limit is a huge step backwards. I sometimes had trouble with the 3000 character limit on the old site.

    -I was really looking forward to the chat feature coming back and I assumed it would be back with the new site. It really was one of the best features and not having it takes a lot away from GaG.

    -I miss having friends. Having followers seems so cold and impersonal.

    -Rich text formatting would have been nice for answering questions instead of a plain textbox. It would be nice to be able use bold, underlines, italics, bullet points and different fonts in your answers.

    • Thanks so much, we really appreciate you telling us exactly what you think. I promise, we are listening :-)

  • I'm not to impressed right now. Eventually, once I get use to it it might be OK.

    The site just seems way to cluttered. There's too much going on per page.

    I don't like that you can't "preview" your answer (opinion) like before. It was good to be able to see your whole message before sending it. Having the little message box that you have to scroll through is inefficient. In my case I'll miss a lot of errors I may have caught before.

    There are to many topics to choose from to post your message. I think a lot of questions won't get any reply's because of this. They won't be seen. The "other" category was far superior. Everything was in one spot.

    Maybe I just missed it or can't find it, but what happened to blocking people? Well, I don't see it in my profile. There are times I want to block people for a while. Because of the non-sense (in my opinion) that they post. They ask a question and for every response they get have 47 reasons why that won't work.

    Still only 500 characters allowed for making a comment. I really wish that had increased. Doubled actually.

    It's very difficult to navigate through here. Because there are too many options.

    What's the point of having to check off 3 preferences? Especially now that there are so may "topics" 3 preferences don't mean much when half the questions won't in your preference any more.

    There are three behaviour topic sections? Men's Behaviour. Women's Behaviour. Behaviour. Personally I think "Men's & Women's" could be pitched. Just keep the one.

    The replies have dropped from 3000 - 2000 characters.

    You have expanded the site in many ways. For the worse in my opinion.
    But taken response boxes, and other features (preview) and reduced them or eliminated them.

    What happened to spell check?

    I'm not to impressed.


    • For spell check, a lot of browsers already have that enabled or have a feature or extension you can add to it. I never used to the spell checker on the old version but Chrome had it enabled so that's how I found out about misspelled words.

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    • Hahaha! :-P

    • Thank you. But isn't it a little difficult to unblock someone if I don't have a list? I'll block someone then after a few weeks (for cooling off) unblock them. Oh well I guess they'll be blocked for eternity now.

  • It looks nice, though I feel like there's less content visible without scrolling around. Might just be not used to that aspect.

    I was hating 'my feed' till i unfollowed every topic. For light users maybe it works to blend them, but i have enough friends that I used to use a mixture of my feed, all feed and browsing by category.

    As a heavy user, the topics are terrible. It makes browsing questions a huge pain, because questions have multiple topics. So you might go read sexual behavior's new questions, then hit sexual health and you're going to have an 80% overlap. Maybe I'll figure out a new way to browse, but right now, I see lots of shiny things, but don't actually have a good way of reading. Its okay to poke around and see a few questions, but if you want to read -most- new questions from the past 8 hours, not sure the best way to do that. Maybe I'll figure a new way.

    TBH, I've been using the site less since the change, but hopefully I'll get used to it.

    The new messaging format suggests that one day there will be chat again. Please... let it be so.

    • To answer my own comment - I'm marginally more comfortable now that I stopped following ANY topics. In the live feed, being able to filter on questions is useful, so that's what I'm doing. Basically I skip topics altogether, so losing categories was a loss - for me.

    • Following anything (questions, topics, users) puts that activity in "My Feed".
      ALL new activity is in "Live Feed".

      So yeah, following every Topic would make the two feeds look identical.

      Thanks for the great feedback, we really appreciate it :-)

  • I think it's a great trendy look. Will take a short while getting used to it but will go well for sure :)

    'Friends' I think has been taken out and followers and following has been retained - good move. But does that mean we'll be able to message only those who are following us? What about those who we follow or those who aren't on either of the follow list?

    Guess too many gurus out here lol good that the standards have been revised :)

    On personal and private messages however, you have limited the input characters and that's way too low. May do some good if the limit were increased :)

    Those who aren't used to fast moving stuff will take a while to get used to but this is anyday the preferred version :)

    Evolution is the essence of life - anything that doesn't evolve, stagnates and dies - good thing this change :) I won't worry about those who prefer the old gag since it was kind of 'simpler' to operate but once they get used to this version, they'll love it :) There may be bugs as all of us may discover but guess you guys are good at patching up things fast ;) :D

    I vote 'A'

    • + love the idea of when clicking on the live feed area, it takes you directly to the point where you clicked rather than having to browse the whole question :)

      There's no 'submit' review that makes it faster but on the other hand a submit review has been a very useful tool. May be you should consider having it back.

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    • Yeah, it's cool :-)

    • I think of this new website as reverse evolution

  • I like the new ´sly´ look, yet it is a bit too `in your face` and bright for my taste. I think it only requires some getting used too.

    Regardless, Kudos for the effort that CLEARLY went into this design! Everything appears to be working like it should and I am amazed you guys did such a good job! Well Done :)

    • PRO:
      - very clean and modern look
      - The new drop down thing works well


      - The "your opinion is submitted" bar BLOCKS the toolbar. Very annoying when trying to move on.
      - I am not sure I like the "side-by-side" view of the answers. I liked how you had the answers of the opposite sex on top and of the same sex below that. It worked very well!
      - Due to the very spacious design, the site feels a LOT bigger. Less info on a much larger portion on the screen. I like it to be a bit more

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    • @RedRain, Clicking the bar! It was so straight forward i missed it xP

    • Glad we could help :-)

  • It's a pain in the ass searching for an answering questions now, not really as fun as it used to be.

    The new format also makes it less fun to read other people answers, everything is just all washed out or something, it all feels so cold instead of intimate like it used to.

  • The design is terrible. It is not user-friendly. It is not intuitive. Design elements date back to the 1990's. I am already using it less. Someone really had to work to design something this poor. The old design was perfect... it just needed some updating.

  • It's going to take a bit of getting used to. I was on the same mindset of everyone else and was pretty confused but once I took a minute to look at it and start using it I noticed some of the features are pretty nice. So far my favorite thing is that you don't have to preview your answers and can just send it out.

    • my biggest complaint so far is the new up/downvoting system. I really don't see the need to separate it by gender and I don't like the fact that I can't see what people have voted on someone's comments unless I vote on every single one. It just makes it more confusing and annooying.

  • (Sigh...) The old GAG was so easy to use. They must have thought "How can we make our website as confusing and as difficult to use as possible?". Sure it may look neat because it's new, but it's about function, not form!

    Here's hoping that the GAG administrators go back to the old website format...

  • I'm going to try and acclimate myself to this site as much as I can but I can say that at least at first usage (of about 20minutes) it seems like a lot of unnecessary changes in appearance that actually make pages more difficult to read and navigate. I appreciate the additional features but didn't think aesthetically the site needed changes.

    I'm going to see if I adjust and enjoy the site over the next few days but so far I'm not in love with the new site appearance

    • I understand what you're tying to say.
      What are those unnecessary changes that shouldn't be involved in the improved appearance of GAG?

    • I'm just not sure that the appearance changes are necessary. Again I like some of the feature changes but I'm not sure why the need for the adjustment to the appearance and layout. It looks a little less intimate more sort of message board like. but these are only my opinions

    • I also feel like there are maybe a few too many subject categories

  • Simplest answer: Go back to the old format and update it.

  • All poll results appear to be mostly gone from past questions. Basically every poll ever asked now needs to be re-done or basically everything gag has done in the part is now useless. Basically you have ruined the site as it used to be a great source to reference similar questions. I truly can't believe any single person thinks this is an improvement.
    I think you've taken a simple, clean, easy to use sight that had many regular users and many on and off users. I'm willing to bet you will lose the majority of on and off users because of this stupid change. If it's not broken and it's growing, don't try to fix it.

    • Mobile app doesn't even function correctly. I'm getting several 404 errors from both mobile app and desktop site.

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    • Thanks for fixing the poll results being lost problem. I wasn't sure if GAG saw it as a problem and was going to address it, or just going to allow the old poll results to be missing. Thanks for the fix.

    • GAG should redo this poll in a week or so to see people's responses as I'd change my vote now to I'm ok with the new layout. I just think there are way too many categories and the ease and simplicity is gone.


    I feel lost... submerged in a vast ocean!

    • @ rotarymoon - same here

    • I understand how overhwhelming the new GAG is.

      Are there anything else that makes you submerge deeper?
      And, are there strong points you observed in this new GAG experience?



    and then a couple minutes later, i just thought to myself "i'll just have to get used to it.". it looks nice, but it's not something i'm used to and the whole layout is changed. i think i'll learn to like it, i guess.


    • they rearranged the xper lvls. i got bumped down from 8 to lvl 6. fml.

      also, i can see people grinding to guru or master lvl rofl.

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    • asker, i understood what you said but i didn't understand why the only way to see is to vote yourself. but daph pointed it out.

    • Oh good, thanks Daph81

  • I'll adjust, but I think I like the old version better.

    • I understand how the old version is more superior to this one.

      Are there some strong points you like in this new layout?

  • Definitely a step backwards...
    The mobile site is broken in Opera, and extremely slow in other mobile browsers (whereas viewing the old site on a mobile browser was easy and fast). Mobile versions of websites always suck, and are just unnecessary these days, since modern smartphones all have large, high resolution screens and are perfectly capable of handling normal sites.
    There are *way* too many categories - you can't just browse a general category any more.
    The layout looks messy, with nothing separating the girls' and guys' answers.
    Honestly, I can't see anything at all that I'd consider an improvement, and the change has only made me less likely to visit GAG.

    • Completely agree. My visitations to this site has lowered dramatically already.

  • I'm okay with most of the changes, except that I definitely agree with people who say that the new look and organization is too open. It's extremely difficult to get a sense for "where" you are on the site. You have to go specifically find categories to look for questions, whereas in the old arrangement it was very consolidated and you didn't have to "know" what you wanted to look for. You could kind of peruse what was there. Everything seems like it's in flux now. It will take some getting used to. But even so, I'm not sure it was an improvement.

    • You can still find ALL questions in the Live Feed and in the Recent tab, that didn't change.

    • Aha, I was wrong on that. I didn't realize you could switch the settings for how the live feed updated. It's just fine.

      But I DID find something else I don't like =P. This little box I'm typing in right now, makes it difficult to see what you've written. The same goes for any post on the longer side. Without the preview it's difficult to get a sense of where you are in the post. It's very hard on a long winded individual such as myself =)

  • My opinion isn't solid. I need to play with it more... but it seems that the new site is overly and unnecessarily complicated. I think there are WAY too many categories, now.

    time will tell whether the changes warrant me staying on the site or not.

    • There needs to be a better way to notify you about private messages.

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    • I see that, but it's lumped in with the # of questions I've asked... so I have to keep a mental note of how many questions I've asked to know if there's something there without hovering.

    • also, please let me save my password on an iphone. This isn't the NSA. I'm not worried about people hijacking my xper points if my phone is stolen.

  • The new design looks good but the navigation is flat out horrible. Why not just staying with the old categories or at least arrange the topics by categories. I mean what does "Books and Culture" have to do with "Being Single" and "Break up and Divorce" beside the starting "B"? It's really hard to find anything this way. When I'm on here I normally have a look for a certain kind of questions and it's really annoying to have to browse the whole list of topics just to make sure I didn't one related to the type of question I'm having a look for...

  • The new format sacrificed ease of use for a flashy look. The old layout made things easy to read and navigate. You could easily access information and everything was right there on your main screen. This new format makes you take extra and unnecessary steps to do anything. You had a system that worked, so I'm not sure why the change except to say, hey, we've got a new look. You broke the first rule of success... if it's not broke, don't fix it.

    • Since I can't submit another comment. I've been logging on for a week or so now trying to give this new look and format a chance, but it's just hard to navigate. Everything used to be on the main page in a very organized fashion. You could get information readily. Things were easy to read without doing a bunch of searching or scrolling. I get the feeling GAG wanted things to look more like other social networks (because this layout screams Facebook , Twitter), but this isn't a social network... it's a forum. Ease of any information search is really important in a forum. If you make the forum hard to navigate people will quit using it. I can tell you that I've not used the new GAG nearly as much because it's hard to just find topics I want to comment on. Everything is so sub-organized. Way too many categories to look through. The old layout was very user friendly. This new look is exactly that, a new flashy look. I certainly hope things go back to the older look and style.

  • It'll just take some getting used to really, but I don't mind the more in depth topics now. I've always been one to comment on online dating topics and now I can specifically browse those.

    • Thanks for the feedback Theguyoverthere, we're glad that you've liked it

  • So far I'm loving it. Yes, it is a lot to take in after being so used to the old feature, even though I've only been around for a couple of years. Once I get the hang of things, I'll definitely post more often. 10/10 from me. :)

  • What happened to the friends link why did this site get rid of everyone's friends? I think that sucks, and to top it off every message is gone they should have imported all that data onto the new site this wasn't a good way to transaction into a new site format it's not right to impose this on people some people have close friend on here and just because it's a new site format they shouldn't have erased people's friends that's crap!!

    • Friends are now classed as followers. And to be fair they did send a message out to everyone that you would lose any message data and that you had a week to back it up.

  • I'm not a huge fan of change, it'll definitely take me a while to get used to it... minor inconvenience if i'm being honest. The changes don't really mean much to me, I never used the old topic bars to look for questions and I never even connected and still won't connect my social networking pages to here.

  • i'm honestly not sure. It's made me feel like an old guy now that I don't like the change lol. might take a while to get used to it

    • I never used to pick a particular category in the old gag, i just used to answer from whichever so not used to it yet

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    • You can still see all questions by going to Recent, or the Live Feed :-)

    • thanks.

      perhaps this might sound weird but i liked the orange colour that used to appear as a notification. In my opinion they should perhaps have a little box or something pop up when someone comments or a response to a comment, or even a little "ping" noise will be pretty epic :D

  • The topics thing is not going to work I believe... there are too many of them.
    The old concept of about 5-6 categories was more in line with the "keep it simple" principle.
    A list of so many topics is not inviting!

  • It will definitely take time to get used to , but I don't have any complaints. Well done guys!!

  • Cool changes, but I think it'll get some time to get used to it.
    by the way in old version I was at level 9 and now I'm at 7th level lol
    I think that's due to changes in xper policies too
    but all over , it's really nice :)

    • *it'll take some time

    • I chose A. but I forgot to add in my answer that if you guys allow "displaying pictures" instead of re-directing "LINKS" for them, that would be really awesome :)

  • it is far less user friendly than the old site. I like girls ask guys but this site will cause me to come here much less. I'll get used to it but I'll never prefer it.

  • 'Way' too much going on.

    I prefer the old layout.

    This is too cluttered. It's difficult to look at.

    • I do enjoy being able to see the man/girl votes on comments.

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    • In the "Answers" section (Opinions), you can no longer see how your answers are voted.

      I don't like that.

    • I agree with your last comment. I liked being about to go and quickly skim though my "answers" and see what the up/down votes were on each one.

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