Hey guys, what do you think of the all the questions about the new layout?

Same as the old site format, everyone and their brother's mother all jump in on the same topic with the same question.

What do you all feel about this? Have anything to add that we haven't heard before? lol


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  • Yeah. I kind of expected there to be a lot of controversy when I first logged into the new site because of how drastic the changes were. That being said, you would think the world was ending judging by some of the reactions I've seen. Lol

    • Hahaha, isn't that the truth!

      "I HATE IT! Why did you do this to holy GAG? I'm going on hunger strike!"

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    • THANK YOU. I try:)

    • Really? It seems to flow naturally

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  • Change is scary for most people. So... yeah. When you get rid of something familiar and bring something new and strange to the table, you're always going to get a lot of controversy. Especially from a site like GAG.

    • Well it's not so much the "controversy" or whatever... but more the "Hey, what do you guys think?"

      *2 minutes later someone else asks*

      "Hey, what do you think?"
      "Hey, what do you guys think about the new format?"
      "The format change, what do you guys think?"

      And so on, until we have 500 questions all asking the same thing for a week

    • yeah, it's also bound to happen. *shrug*
      I wish people would just go to GAG's question to see the answer instead of asking it all over again, but hey, that's people!

  • while some of the features are cool others are a bit much and complicated - i guess it'll take some getting used to

  • I dont like it but all it takes is a little adjustment.

    • I'm referring to the same questions posted over and over about the new format... not about the new format itself ;)

    • Im referring to the new site format by the way

    • Yeah... I'm not lol

  • I will get use to it, however I think the other layout was more appealing

    • I think you missed the sarcasm in my post lol

    • lol yes I did XD

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  • I'm still browsing around but, I don't know yet. It seems a bit "off" to me, but it is new. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I've just been used to the same format for the last six years. :P

    I do wish they had added back in the chatroom and IM features, as those I used a bit back in the day. Was a lot of fun! :)

    • I think you missed the sarcasm in my post as well lol

  • Haha.. obviously when something big happens it's normal human tendency to respond to it.

    • When 10 other people before them have obviously done the same thing in the same way? A little repetitive and redundant, no?

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    • Either you're terrible at posting links, or this new site format is acting screwy lol

    • I think they removed my links

  • There's a new layout? Here I was thinking I got a good knock on the head..

    • Maybe you just got a good head on the knock?

    • In my addled state that makes more sense...

    • Ohhhhh RedThread, got a knock on his head.
      Don't know where he iss, but knows he's in bliss

  • my main joy comes from the new blocking system. The layout is fine to me, but the number of topics could probably see a reduction

    • So I can block the same topic from appearing in the feed?

    • no im talking about how blocking users works. When a user blocks you, they can't come and comment on your questions anonymously like they use to just to troll. its a good change in my opinion. All i can say is good luck to the past trolls. they'll need it

    • Challenge: accepted :D

  • I'm finding nothing for Android phone.

    • I think it's only an app for crApple phones. But for everyone, there is a mobile version of the site in your mobile internet browser

      Jeesh, you didn't see that on the 20 questions about the new format? ;P