Can we tag other users on the new site?

Just out of curiosity, are we able to tag other users now so they are able to see that you mentioned them or so they can reply to your post?


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  • No, G@G doesn't offer any kind of tagging feature at this time.
    Good suggestion though, thank you :-) We do listen!

    • Ah, no problem, thank you!

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    • WHAAA? But I love spoilers! And you're welcome. :)

    • :-P hehe

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  • I mentioned that once on the old site. I do wish that was a possibility. It would make it easy to see if users are mentioning another user in a different question, opinion, or comment. I do not think that is available here though.

    • To be honest, with the way everyone is referring to the site as G@G now, with the @ symbol, it made me wonder lol.

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    • Oh my gosh! That sucks. Lol

    • Literally an hour of clicking, hitting the back button, and scrolling! :S

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