What's that number next to the "questions" tab when i'm logged in on GaG?

I can't figure out what that is for. If i go to my asked questions it shows older questions first with a number in front of them.
What is that for?


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  • Those are leftover notifications from the switch over.
    Going to the question clears that notification and the number will disappear after all have been checked.

    • Mine, was all my really old questions, where I had made the last comment..

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    • Ok it's done now. The whole website is kind of different but can't really tell if i like it or not. It might take a while to get used to it. And i appreciate your efforts keeping in mind it's free and ad free from what i've seen.
      What i don't like though is the number of categories.
      Thanks for the answer

    • Right, as with anything, it will take time to get used to it. It's new for all of you guys though, so I'm confident everyone will be able to figure things out and grow to like it more over time :-)

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  • Is it two different numbers? One blue and one pink? That's just the number of answers that particular question has. It is separated by male and female responses.

    • no i was talking about the notifications... why i asked was because i had notifications for older questions. But sparrow24 told me what happened. Thanks for your time

    • Ohh okay. I understand what you meant now:)

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  • In the drop down where your username is? It's the number of new notifications you have. Same as the old system, not that hard to figure out lol