Have we lost the story/article feature?

I really liked the writing your own story/article feature of the last GAG and can't find it on this update. Is it gone or can we expect it to return?

Just for anyone else who stumbles across this question and wants to know the answer. Yes they have removed the feature T_T


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    • Thanks, I actually never thought to look in that area.. Lack of brain power and all that jazz

    • It's alright. Figured it would be helpful to answer more than just this question of yours, since the new format probably will have you asking more questions about what is going on here ;)

    • Turns out they have removed the feature! and it was my favourite one *sigh* now to find a new site that will except my ramblings lol

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  • You can still write and submit articles. I think stories are gone though


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  • We still have Articles but no more Stories.
    Stories have been eliminated.

    • Well, if I wanted to go about submitting an Article instead how do I go about it? It wasn't in your FAQ

    • Right now, we're not adding new Articles.

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