How do we know if anyone has responded to our posts?

To our posts do we know how has anyone if responded to?


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  • At the top right corner of the site you should see your profile icon. When you have a new notification you will see a number there. If you hover over it a drop down box will appear and let you know what new activity you have on either your questions, answers, messages, etc.


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  • I use mobile so I think its an "!" Mark at the top right corner of the smartphone that indicates a reply

  • You don't :3

  • You'll always see that little space at the top right, showing your username, avatar, and Xper level. If you see a number there next to the avatar, it's a notification.
    Hovering over that area shows the menu, and will tell you exactly where that notification is coming from :-)

    • Thanks for the leg-up! If I knew where you lived I send you a dozen roses and a bottle of Pouille Fuisse (yeah, right!) ;-)

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    • This comment is responding to you, and if Palek were to respond to this comment, I still don't receive a notification?

    • You only receive notifications if someone shares an opinion on YOUR question or comments on YOUR opinion.
      However, if you Follow a question, you can see ALL activity for it in your "My Feed" :-)

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  • That blue number that shows up next to your picture tells you that you're number 1!

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