Which errors are you finding on the new GirlsAskGuys?

Which errors are you finding?

I wrote a whole 2000 character answer and GAG told me it was too long or short, but I could not go over 2000 characters, it wouldn't let me. so It did not send the question and then I lost everything I wrote, and I was trying to give advice to a kid who needed help with his batting skills for base ball. any other problems you see. The set up isn't bad and I like that there are more options for questions.

I do feel however that this has become a google+ website and ahhh me no likey google+ anymore

Overall though its not really bad. It is more like a modern social network which I kind of like only for mobile device. I like that there are more categories to place questions. One of the thing I don't like at the small lightly shaded words
The sentences that say 'so and so wrote an opinion' on this question. These sentences should be darker I think or maybe have a special color apart from what is around it


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  • When typing anything on G@G, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the counter (top right above the box).
    When it's okay to send, the first number will be green.
    When it's either over or under, that first number will be red.

    This will help people know before hitting submit :-)

    • always there to help people!! Thanks!!

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    • at first I thought 'MH' what? then I looked up

    • Hahaha! With new G@G come new language, bwahaha :-P

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  • "G@G"

    anyways, I don't like the lack of boxes. All the type is just floating and it's kind of weird.

    I don't like the character count.

    I don't like that the video question section isn't videos

    I don't like that I'm somehow following 21 people that I don't know.

    BUT I do like that now instead of answers it says opinions (i find that funny)

    I like that the girl and guy answers are next to each other

    I like the male and female upvote thingy

    I also like the categories added.

    over all i think it's a matter of getting used to.

  • The main issue I have been having is with answering questions.
    Sometimes when I go to leave a response, if the question's category gets changed during the process I'll get an error message when I finally go to submit my Opinion. I'm a bit wary of answering questions without a category / topic now, but usually my browser saves what I've typed if I go back, at least.

    • This is just for today :-)
      We just wanted to make sure we didn't miss any site related questions, we're wanting to help you guys navigate.
      After today, Topics won't be changed so quickly after it's posted unless it's a Sexuality question.

  • Oh, that ain't good :( And here's a trick. Next time when you go to ask a long question or give a long answer, you should copy it just in case so you can paste it if something like that ever happens again.

    • yeah I should have know that from yahoo answers lol

    • There were times when I wrote an entire page of an answer and just after I submitted it, the internet went out -.-

  • I have only been on for about 20 minutes but everything is working so far. I really like the site. No clustered ads taking over the screen and more categories. Goodbye Yahoo Answers... hello GAG


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  • Even earlier on GAG I'd always leave at least 15 to 20 characters pending before hitting send / submit. Programming languages don't see the words we type they calculate weight or stuff (I'm no techie, I assume based on experience), this helps in sending off the answer / comment / opinion w/o hitches :)

    I find the new GAG very positive, proactive and trendy - I like using it, it's faster too :D

  • Just copy what you had written, refresh the page then paste it... I've had one or two 404 errors, but the old GAG had a similar issue. Same as the issue that my notifications have to be opened twice to be registered as read, they're in no way 'new' issues.

    • We're working on those, rest assured :-)
      Are you getting the 404 errors when trying to go to a question?

    • I get them just after i've typed a reply and tried to send it... I just hit 'back' copy my answer, open the question again and paste it back in and it sends fine. So it's not a big problem. :)

    • Okay, thanks for letting me know!

  • The links are difficult to use. I've given up 3 of 3 times.

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