So according to how I earn Xper points now. Will I get all those points from my previous...?

I have selected most helpful opinion in every single one of my questions. Will those points count or are those questions not going to count since it was before the website upgrade?


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  • I wouldn't think so, it'd be difficult to count them up... for one thing they probably weren't recording a few of those details before the switchover, plus they'd also have to minus points that they had given you for some things that they no longer do such as receiving question ratings. I think it'd be a logistical nightmare, plus it would be bad for business if all of a sudden peoples Xper took a jump up and everyone redeemed at once.

    • I was a guru and now im not :'(

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    • lol I think that as soon as I get my amazon giftcard ill be slowing down on GAG

    • Ha, you say that now... I've earned my 6th Amazon gift card, that's $120 for just being here? It's a nice little bonus, especially now that i'm currently unemployed.

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  • if they were already added I don't think they'll take them away.

    • before they didn't gave points to the question asker for selecting best answer

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