Is it just me, or is GAG not as fun anymore?

So I loged on and you can't see questions people are asking anymore. The new gag is not living up to the hype. Is it just me?


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  • It does take a bit of getting used to, but it's not so bad. It does feel rather busy and overwhelming but hopefully we'll get used to it sooner rather than later. There are some features I miss but that's just something I'll have to get used to.

    To see the most recent questions asked by all GAG users:

    To see the live feed of the people you follow:

    To see the overall live feed:

    Just click around a bit and find out where things are located. In most cases there are multiple ways to get to certain places, but the bar at the top is the most helpful.


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  • Yes you can. Just hover over "Share Opinion" at the top of the page and click "Recent".

    It takes a bit of getting used to but I like the new format. The homepage is a bit cluttered but other than that it's sleek and nice.

    Every time Facebook updates everyone complains and bitches and moans and then completely fucking forgets what it looked like before. This is the exact same thing. Humans hate change. This is change. You'll get over it soon enough, as will every one else.

    Ya'lls need to stop complaining about this.

  • Nope, I totally agree on that part (layout sucks) but I like some of the other additions/fixes. But, heck, it might be less confusing and take some time to get used to it.

    There's also this page that you might wanna take a look at...

  • Lol everyone always complains when any site changes but I say its not as fun because the new users aren't as fun and because some people just ask really dumb questions or questions that piss me off. I'm also pissed that my Guru Level is gone

  • HATE IT! The old lay out was much easier. This is awful. I can't even get to my questions without looking through a bunch of crap.

    • You can access your questions with just two clicks -
      Hover your mouse over your username/avatar (top right corner) and click Questions from the drop down menu.
      Then just click the question title to go to the question.

      I hope that helps :-)

  • I don't like the new GAG at all.

    • I understand how you feel. All this sudden changes are overwhelming.

      But if you can point out to the admin what's fun with the last GAG experience and pointing out the flaws in the new one, they will create a better GAG layout to meet the needs of the community.

      I hope you enjoy this temporary layout while it lasts.

    • I'd rather it go back to the old Gag... but I know it won't happen. So I will have to decide what to do from here.

    • I'm going to conjure the last remaining Xper points I need to redeem for a gift card and then probably won't be logging in for a long time.

  • its new so we will have to take time to get use to it. I don't like it so far but it might grow on me.

  • I agree or we have to get use to it I guess

  • Nope. You're not the only one feeling that way.

  • You can always see what's happening on G@G :-)

    You can see ALL Recent questions in the Recent tab under Share Opinion (top menu).
    You can see ALL Recent questions in Live Feed, either from the home page or by clicking Live Feed (top menu).
    You can see all activity from questions, topics and users you are Following from My Feed (click Live Feed top menu, then choose the My Feed).
    You can also filter by gender. You can filter by Topic by clicking Browse and going to a specific Topic. You can also Follow as many Topics as you'd like.

    Hope that helps! New-GAG on our FAQ tells all about what's new as well -


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  • I won't lie, I definitely expected more... new features and whatnot. It's kinda the same deal just with sometimes overly divided up categories with a cool, if somewhat inconvenient layout. The old site felt more organized and immediately accessible.

    It's still fun but the new site still needs a bit of work in my opinion.

    • I like how you point out your discontent. I hope the designers can work out something on this.

    • Thanks man. Yeah it sounds like they'll continue to refine the design over time with the feedback they're getting. They'll get it right. :)

  • it feels like work

    • I understand how you feel. All this sudden changes are quite overwhelming.

      But, we, people, thrive on change and not on comfort. According to studies, exposure to new surrounding will stimulate your cognitive abilities thus improving your intellectual capacity.