New GAG, majority of past poll results lost? Anyone notice this?

Basically all past polls have become useless as the majority of results have been lost in the new, inferior, GAG.
Do you notice this and do you want all that data updated?

Possibly, they've removed poll responses from old users but old users did answer older questions and those results should be there.

  • Yes, old poll results are mostly gone, BRING THEM BACK
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  • Yes, old poll results are gone but who cares as I'm likely done with GAG
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  • I think all the old poll results for past questions are there
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Great that they fixed it. Thanks for answering and drawing attention to this.


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  • GAG did mention that they will remove a few things when they announced the change over a week ago. I think the look is good and they've worked pretty hard on it too. It's not only trendy but also faster to use and more user friendly once you get to know it. There are bound to be a few bugs in anything new and not everything is going to be what everyone wants.

    I'm staying alright and let's try support GAG. Reporting various things to GAG admin can and will be addressed. I've found that true :)

    • Oh yeah, we don't get to see a brief and summary profile of someone when we place the pointer on their name now :(

    • Hey age has disappeared in the profile only the appx age bracket. Please bring these two back, they are important. I tend to be caredul withe words and statements I choose depending on the age of the person involved. Like 18 - 24 is too wide a gap and a sensitive age gap at that. Knowing the person's age will help. All this unless I've missed out something while reading a profile :)

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  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    We're currently working on it :-)

    I'll keep you posted!

    • Please check again, all poll results should now be showing :-)

What Guys Said 2

  • Everybody remodels their websites every now and then, this was a major re-do and it's going to take some time to adjust to the new interface. At first glance I was not impressed but now that I've been giving it a chance everything is the same, it's just laid out differently.

    As for poll results, unless you put a poll up in the past two weeks or so I don't see how the data is relevant anymore, public opinion changes and if it was for advice on what to do in a situation you're in you should have had about as much data as you're going to get. Now if you posted it within the last 36 hours you can just re-post it.

    I voted A in your poll just to see the results, none of those options fits my opinion fully but A is the closest.

    • Polls over 2 weeks old are no longer relevant? By your logic, then all questions and answers over 2 weeks old are irrelevant so there should be no database. Maybe current event polls get old. Do you truly think dating, flirting and sexual surveys are no longer valid after 2 weeks. I'd say maybe after 5 years or more some might begin to become irrelevant but still then even only some.

    • Oh, and your comment that "everyone remodels their website every now and then..." What the most visited website out there? I would guess google. And guess what google. com hasn't changed it's website. It's clean and simple to use.

    • Google is just a search engine, there isn't much to change.

      A question like "should I ask him out?" Or "should I break up with her?" With a poll will garner responses after a couple days, once you have looked at the results and made a choice, how is the data relevant anymore?

      Poll questions are either to help make a choice or simple public opinion. Neither of these are relevant after a long period of time, either you already made the choice or public opinion shifts.

  • I noticed. It was just one of many many issues I had with the site. Once again, it looks like they never tested the changes, just went ahead and implemented them.

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