Has the option to remove your anonymous setting been removed?

On the old gag, if you chose to be anonymous, you could uncheck the box if you wanted to no longer be anonymous or if you accidentally made yourself anonymous. Is the option still available on the newer version of the site as i have not seen the option to do this anywhere.


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  • There is currently no way to change to or from anonymous AFTER you've posted the question/opinion.
    But we have listened to the feedback on it and we do consider ALL feedback, so keep it coming :-)



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  • I noticed this too. Best thing to do is (depending on how much you use this site and if you want to help) make a list of even the smallest little things that you notice as missing, broken, or awkward. I'm a web developer (not for this site), and it really does help to get that little list of quirks. Especially considering this site didn't gradually transition but made a jump immediately over to this new format.


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  • It is still available on the new mobile site