Do you get a whole new account when you link GAG to social networkig?

I ask this because I followed GAG from my google+ account.

I just recently saw the new changes to GAG ans I had tyo select which topics do I like the most, things that would describe me, and what proifle pic that I would like to post...

Anyway, I'm a bit confused becuase if I log in the online usig my email then all of my info, questions, answers, XPER points etc. remain their. But on my google+ accout its as if I'm a new memmber on GAG.

So I was wondering did anyone else get another GAG acount or did I just screw somethig up?

Also if I ignore my new account will it affect my original one?


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  • Hi DivaMonae.. Most likely you have opened up a new account with your Gmail email address... Easy to check... login with Google to G@G and check the top right user profile icon... What is the username there? If it's not DivaMonae, then it's a new account.
    What you could do instead was, go into the settings in your current account (DivaMonae) and connect your Google email account to your G@G account (DivaMonae)...
    I suggest that you check and make sure you opened up a new account with your Google email. If that's the case, cancel that, and connect this account (DivaMonae) with Google from your settings on G@G.
    If you are not sure or if you have any questions, send me a message.

    • I have the exact same name on my old and new account the same email adress, but less points, different pic, and differnt joined dates, no friends, no questions, and no answers. And when I try to add GAG on my original account it says I'm following GAG on my goolge+ account. I'm not sure why, but how do I delete the new account? And if I try is there anu chamce my old account will be deleted as well? Also how do I delete the account?

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    • Hello...It seems like you have created a new account with your gmail address. Your scruffy.@gmail account is associated with a new account:, the account you use to ask this questions is:

    • I would suggest that you login to the account with your gmail address and cancel it.Then, login to your original account, go to settings, and use the "Connect and Earn Xper" box to connect your original account with Google (just click Connect To Google)Let me know if this works for you. Thanks

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  • It's the new GAG. Just a matter of getting used to it.


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