Questions keep reappearing. That is kind od annoying.?

What I have noticed since the upgrade is how many questions show up two or three times. ANNOYING.

What pros and cons are there to the new GAG?


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  • They could be reappearing for different reasons.

    Because we allow up to 3 Topics per question, you may see the same question in 3 different Topics when browsing.

    When looking through Live Feed or My Feed, by default, it shows ALL activity; questions, opinions, opinion comments, Most Helpful awards, etc. If someone asked the question, it'll show there in the Live Feed as the Asked activity. Then, if someone shares an opinion on that question, the question will show again, but this time as an Opinion activity... so on and so forth.
    BUT you can filter by those activities! For example, if you're just wanting to see Questions in either Feed, simply click on the drop down menu (right, on top of list) labeled ALL and choose Questions.
    You can also filter by gender.

    I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions that aren't addressed in our FAQ :-)


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  • They had that on the Live Feed with the old GAG too. It's annoying either way.


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  • It is fairly annoying. Most of the time I think it's because they are in multiple topics (not a fan of the increase in topics and option for it to be tied to more than one).

    Also, the front page shows multiples because multiple people answer the question and I guess it's sort of like a live feed. It is a bit annoying indeed.