What specifically do you like and dislike about the new site?

I've seen quite a few questions and a lot of opinions about liking the site or disliking the site. I'm curious as to what specifically do YOU like and dislike? I'd like to see in one place what you think. The good and the bad.

What specific changes do you like so far?

What specific changes do you dislike, or what specifically are you finding difficult?

Personally I think I like the changes and I like the overall look. I'm still getting used to things and how they work now, but I can't say there's anything specific that I dislike. I like how you see up/down-votes on opinions after you vote yourself. Small but I noticed lol. I also like how messages look now. Its a lot easier to use and look at in my opinion.

I do miss the categories and I kind of wish there was chat again. I'm not sure how I feel about following topics or any of that but I'll get used to it in time I guess.

I'll probably think of more specific things as I use it more and update this question.

Oh yes that's another thing (honeybee reminded me) I wished that with the new site we'd be able to edit our own posts. :/
Another thing, along with not being able to see up/down votes on my answer/opinion page, I also cannot see if there are questions I haven't given best answer/most helpful. At least not that I can see. You have to remember yourself or click each one.


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  • Likes: the new blocking system, the new rating system for opinions, the new private messaging layout.

    Dislikes: way too many topics to keep up with, the fact that now we have "followers" instead of friends (it feels a lot more impersonal and honestly I don't like random people being able to follow me, I preferred being able to "accept" friend requests), on the mobile version the text box for answering questions is way too small and I can't scroll to fix typos or change anything within my answer.

    All of that being said, overall, I do like the update, it's just a lot to get used to. There are just certain things I feel could be tweaked to make it better.

    • Oh and also, I miss being able to go to my answers, and see on that page the up/downvotes my answers received. Here, you have to click on each individual answer to go to that question and look at your answer to see if it was rated and how much agreement/disagreement the answer got. It's so time consuming. It was just much easier on the old site when that information was available on the "my answers" page. But, this is just another minor thing.

    • Oh yes I was thinking about this too last night. It was a lot easier before.

    • Thanks for MH:)

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What Guys Said 4

  • Specifically, I don't like the loss of information. (For example, the amount of ups/downs previous answers had.)

  • I like the modern look, the messaging layout, more categories/ putting your question in more than one. I dislike that there are almost too many categories, and possibly that it seems harder to find exactly what I am looking for. I assume I will get more used to it In a few weeks.

  • I don't like that you can't upload any pictures of yourself except your avatar, well at least i haven't figured out how to yet!! lol I mean if its a problem of too many pics, just give us one pic at least besides our avatar!

  • Dislikes: slow responses to new questions

    • Just make sure you don't post vague questions, questions that a full of text with no paragraphs, post at the right time, etc. and you'll get responses.

What Girls Said 5

  • I like the colour scheme... even if it a bit girly annnnd that's about the only thing I do like.

    When I signed in first time to the new site what really p*ssed me off was the 'Please select your personality type' - What? So you want me to summarise my individual personality by picking a poor and over exaggerated picture and description which are all ridiculous and clichè? What a joke. Secondly, it's all very Twitteresque - it's messy, lots of different font sizes etc , G@G has tried to follow the trend and failed miserably.

    Also, no I don't want to 'Share my opinion' I want to ask or answer a question which is not an opinion. Urgh, not a fan of the make over at all.

  • For the most part.
    I am adjusting.
    But I love the new look!!

    The only dislike I have is that I feel they have way too many categories.

    Smaller categories = less confusion.

    Its like going to a restaurant for the first time and getting
    a menu that is pages upon pages long.

  • i like nothing because i dislike changes. changes stress me out :(

  • I like the fact that there's more topics (specifically the sport topic).
    I don't like the new like and dislike buttons, and the coloring.

  • I don't like that there's so many topics. I like the new upvote downvote system.