Do I still get XP Points for logging in, etc?

I can't even tell when and if I'm leveling up and if Im earning anything at all anymore.. D: I only use the mobile site so I dont know if its different on a desk/laptop so.. yeah I was just wondering..

I dont even think Im notified if I get "most helpful answer" and questions can't get rated anymore.. /:


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  • Absolutely!
    In fact, we offer even more points for many activities now!

    Our Xper tab of the FAQ answers all Xper related questions, going to "How can I earn Xper points?" will tell you of the many ways you can earn points.

    There are no more question ratings, but you are still informed whenever your opinion is voted Most Helpful. It's just like before, it'll show up as a notification for that particular opinion :-)

    I hope that helps!


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  • Very good question. Haven't seen that +2 for logging in since the change.


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  • Hey there!

    Please read this by clicking on "How can I earn Xper points?" Now, there are so many ways to earn Xper points. For example, you get 10 points for logging on each day. You also get 5 points when you choose "Most helpful" answer. And much more! The FAQ contains most of the answers you're looking for, so please have a look at it!

    Nobody has earned any points since the new GAG version has been launched. So, don't worry. It's understandable. The admins have a lot of work to do already. Just hang in there! :)

    Hope I helped!

  • Hey, that's a good question!

    I hope we still do, i've been on level 8 for the longest time.

  • I know I'm wondering how all the Xper points work now! Since I'm not notified