Following/Followers difference?

On this site it looks like they changed the "friends" feature to be following/followers, is that correct?

If so, what's the difference between the two?


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  • Yes, we combined the two features, Following and Friends.

    Following = Users you are following (their activity will show in your My Feed).
    Followers - Users who are following you (they see YOUR activity in their My Feed).

    If you set your profile private, users NOT already on your Following list will not be able to Follow you. To get NEW Followers, you must make your profile public.

    As for messaging, you can send and receive private messages to/from anyone UNLESS you or they have checked the box in My Settings called "Allow messages only from people I follow". Then, of course, only users THEY follow can message them.

    I hope that helps :-)
    For more information on the new features and where everything is, you can check our New-GAG section of the FAQ
    And if you have any questions or concerns that aren't addressed there, please feel free to ask!

    • Thanks for MH :-)

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  • 1. While being friends we could message each other
    2. But this is not a social networking site so 'friends' is out of place
    3. Followers / Following is more like it for this site
    4. You follow who you think is interesting or gives good answers or asks good questions or similar and those who follow you do it for the same reason
    5. But if someone has a private profile you can't follow them that helps them maintain their privacy
    6. Unlike in Twitter here if your profile is not private you can message anyone whether you are followers or not so I assume since the message window opens up when you click on someone's profile (I did on yours but didn't send a message to check if it gives a message like you can't and stuff lol)


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  • Yes, they changed it so people can no longer "friend" others but instead "follow" them (like on Twitter). Basically, anyone can follow anyone else now. Personally, I don't really like that since I liked being able to "approve" of who could see my stuff. So... I really don't see the point of private profiles anymore since just anyone can follow you and see your profile...

    • Ah. Okay. Yeah, I'm not on Twitter so maybe that's why I didn't make the connection :)

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    • Oh okay. That makes sense. Thanks Sparrow! :)

    • My pleasure :-)

  • It looks like anyone can follow you & you don't have to follow them no freind requests sent any more.

  • It is annoying, sheesh i like being more personal with people

    • I agree with you and may other: many of the changes incorporated in the new version are significantly worse than before. Wonder if they asked anyone for opinion or if some lone riders made the decisions. I fear the last...

    • Yes , and I actually used to be friends with some people