232 questions under the title no topic what do you think of that?

I was checking out the updated site and came across the title no topic. Being courious I took a look it contained 232 questions over the last 2 days since the updated version of GAG came out. It looks like a lot of members are posting all sorts of questions under no topic. Is there just to many topics to sort through & this is easier whats your take?


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  • No topic is now a topic!


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  • Some people don't seem to realize what the Topic feature is yet, and that it's become the new Categories.

    Don't worry, the Admins will go through the questions without Topics and assign them to the Topics they think fit the best.
    They were a lot more persistent with this when the changes were first launched a couple days ago, but Sparrow said they're going to relax with that a little bit (except for questions which require being labeled with a Sexuality Topic).

    Anyways, I'm sure people will catch on soon enough!

  • In order to make your question seen by more users, we REALLY encourage all members to choose AT LEAST one topic for each question they post. You can choose up to 3 that fit your question.
    No one can Follow "No Topic", therefore not adding a topic can result in your question being seen a lot less.
    Remember to add topics, guys :-)


    • Didn't realize you could post under 2-3 topics?

    • Absolutely! The more topics, the more your question will be seen!

  • There are specific topics, and I think what people consider a their topic is not in the list... I asked a question about something yesterday and the only topic even mildly related was gifts.
    When in actual fact there was a lot more.

    You have to choose from a specific list but it will only show up in the topic box when you write your question if you start typing the exact working for that topic.

    There arn't many topics no. I think people either are just getting used to the new site, not realising the specific topic names, or they are not fussed to add a topic, or their question doesn't relate to any of the topics.