I thought when you answer questions, your points go up?

I thought when you answer questions, your points go up? Mine have stayed at 510 for a few days and I've answered many.


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  • The Xper points are taking a while to kick in.
    I imagine it's because of all the changes that were recently made to G@G, and so stuff needs a bit more time to catch up.

    Xper points have always taken a day or two to register... hopefully we'll see our points updated soon!

    • It seems so, my points jumped up not to long ago

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    • AHH, another thing I dislike about this site, not being able to fix your typos.

      trust a... "ONLINE" charity

    • Hm yeah that's always something to think about before donating. The old charity that they had on here (charity:water) seemed pretty legit at least.

      Ugh and I know, I can understand why they wouldn't want us to edit our posts but it is definitely frustrating sometimes.

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  • Mine stayed the same as well. Maybe they get calculated at the end of the week or after a couple of days.

  • Xper points are calculated nightly and can take 24-48 hours to appear on your account.



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