Has the new GAG curtailed freedom?

I just noticed that once a QA awards a BA he/she can't change it in the new GAG which was however possible in the older version.

What do you perceive GAG's intentions are with this move?

Has GAG decided to be more unforgiving and stiff lipped i. e. corporatized?

I think when people are allowed to answer even after a BA / MH is selected cause GAG is all about opinions, the QA can always find someone who answers better than an earlier BA/MH he/she has selected earlier. The QA is owner of the question, shouldn't they be allowed to choose who's been most helpful?

It's like once someone wins a race no one else is allowed to win in subsequent ones - what do you think?

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  • The new GAG is right in not allowing a change in BA/MH
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  • in my opinion they should allow you to change best answer at least once. Reason being some times best answer is chosen then you get a late comment that is a much better choice. Just saying at least one change.


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  • I agree with anon down there.

    It's due to the Xper points. I don't like it.

    • But Xper points don't really make sense here. I get it that you read my comment to the anon young lady :) from the '0000 ...' ;) :D

  • This is to encourage people to choose ONE Most Helpful opinion only, not to change it all the time.
    Past experience showed us that it was being abused.

    • Thank you for answering :) (in ur case it's 'answering' & in other's case it's 'opinion' :D catch my drift? :D )

      I don't have statistics obviously but won't those abusing it be minuscule compared to those who genuinely see someone who answers much later after the BA/MH has been selected to be good enough to change the BA/MH?

      I've been given BA/MH a few times when I answered a question where BA was already selected :)

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    • Thank you SO much, I always wholly appreciate your promptness & cooperation :)

    • It used to get under my skin every time I read the question lol

  • Change should be allowed

  • I could be wrong I think it's because of the fact that we are now awarded Xper points for choosing the Best Answer/Most Helpful on a question. They probably didn't want people to abuse that

    • But Xper points are always deducted too when someone takes out a factor for earning them like unliking on Twitter or FB, the same can be applicable here.

      It's a great motivation that Xper points are awarded for selecting a BA (hadn't checked on that - thank you for telling me :D)

      I had decided to award a BA for all my questions the day before as a contribution to GAG for the new site & also that it's been playing on my mind for long to do so. But now it's going to sound self serving lol

    • ooooo this makes sense.

What Guys Said 4

  • Don't care. If the officials of GAG thought this is best then they must have a good reason for it.

  • Probably to keep shenanigans from going on.

    • why would changing a BA/MH a shenanigan trait?

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    • While you are right about that I'd find that behavior so juvenile and immature. This isn't a competitive site

      But eitherway BA is the QA's choice so he/she can give it to someone they like immaterial if they answered with 'abcdefgh ijkl mnop..' ;)

    • I agree with you

  • I agree with QA. This is one of many annoying things about the new GAG.

  • Yeah, it's more likely to be something like.. an anonymous user gets BA, takes off the flag, and QA goes "Shit I hate that guy, must give BA to someone else"

    • lol you sure are right about that. But in the new GAG is someone able to take off the anon flag? I've not gone anon yet on any answer so I don't know.

      Moreover, likelihood of such a thing happening is low apart from the fact that someone who's gone anon may not take off the anon flag (I've done it once though lol)

    • Hi!

      Right now you can't take off the anon flag once you posted your opinion anonymously, but this is only temporary. You'll be able to do so again soon :)

    • Thank you RedRain, appreciate the GAG team being proactive and prompt :)

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