"You have the option to hide part of your profile information from ALL users. Check the box below to set your profile as private."?

What does the word "all" in the statement in our profile setting mean? I just saw the word"all" today when I checked my privacy settings.
Does it mean that once I check that little box, ALL the users on this site, including my friends who are transferred from the old GAG, would NOT be able to see my FULL profile like in the old GAG?

I am really so confused about this new following system. And why change the term "friends" to "followers"? It sounds so cold to me.
Thanks for helping me.


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  • Hi Solitude3!

    Yes, that word is actually confusing, but as bomdottcom said, only people YOU follow can see your profile if it's set as private. People who are following you (your followers) can't see it, unless you are following them too. (thanks bomdottcom!)

    Also remember that when you set your profile to private, you will not be able to get new followers (you'll keep the ones you have until that moment, though), since users cannot start following members with private profiles.

    Hope it helped! :)

    • We have now changed the text on the profile settings. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!

    • Ok, thanks! :-))

    • I just checked the text on the profile setting. It is no longer confusing anymore :-)

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  • Pretty much what RedRain and Bomdottcom said


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  • I agree with you and a point you should note is if you make your profile private no one can friend request you

  • According to a recent question about this and response from some moderators,
    If you set your profile to private, only people YOU follow can see your profile; people who are following you (who you aren't following) cannot see your private profile.

    My profile is private and I don't think we're following each other. So if you click on my profile that is how a person you aren't following sees it.

    Also, if you set your profile to private people cannot follow you, apparently your profile has to be public. But the people you were friends with on the previous format will still remain your followers (while you will follow them unless you remove them).

    Basically, you need to keep your profile public in order for new people to follow you. People who follow you cannot see a private profile unless you follow them back.

    I hope this wasn't confusing?

  • If you set your profile to private no one new can follow you. If you want new followers your profile must be public. I don't care for this liked the old way of friending better.

    • This new system is giving me a headache because I have a private profile since from the old GAG and now I have no choice but to make it public. I have a group of followers and people whom I am following on the old GAG which they didn't transfer for me to the new GAG. They only transfer my old GAG friends to the new GAG.

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    • haha Apparently you'r not allowed to send 1-2 word comments any more. I tried to send just{Me too}.

    • Haha, I don't know whether to cry or to laugh. Haha.

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