Notification won't disappear, why's that?

My question got removed (reason was "nonsense" which I find kinda insulting, it took me quite a while to type it and I meant it genuinely), and the notification won't go away now, even after refreshing several times and clicking on it every time.

What's the issue?


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  • Don't feel bad I have already had 2 opinions removed for same reason. They weren't any worse then some of the other opinions.

  • The question has only been hidden by a mod, it hasn't been removed from the site.
    Where are you seeing that it was removed as Nonsense?

    • I got a notification on that question, when I clocked on it, the question title was unclickable and it said it got removed and below it said "Reason: Nonsense". And yeah, the notification is still there.

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    • It will stay until admins make a decision, yes... but we're working on that.

    • Alright, thanks.

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