Soooo, what's the purpose of the hidden voting system on the new GAG?

I'm not a huge fan of the new layout, but I'm trying to adapt. Its too expansive in terms of categories, which makes it harder to browse through. The old site was just so much more user-friendly, now its all sizzle and no steak. Its whatever, I'll still come on here, but it kinda sucks.

But one of the things that I don't understand is why they hide the votes until you yourself vote on them. That deters me from voting, I kind of forget its there. I'm also much more likely to vote if I see that an answer is being voted in the opposite direction than I would agree with. If I just see a ghosted up/down arrow, I'm not at all inspired to vote. When I see my own answers with the pink and blue arrow circles, that grabs my eye, and would make me much more inclined to vote.

Anyone else feel the same?


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  • "To stop Trolling"
    When some people see an answer which got more down rates, they'll down rate it further without even reading the whole answer.
    Same goes for the questions.

    • Are we really living and dying by up and down votes here? That seems kind of silly to me. Read the questions and answers, and make your own decision on what you think. People who base their feelings based on others' influence need to be down voted off the face of the earth.

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    • Fair enough. Thanks for the insight, bruh.

    • Yw..!
      and thanks for MH :)

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  • I recall people whining about "vote trolling" on the old website, and it seems its memory has carried on here. I sit here in whole agreement with "is this really that big of a deal"? Thinking back, I had made a few posts that garnered quite the mammoth amount of dislikes, but I also had highly upvoted ones. It comes with the territory, and it certainly is not going to hurt my feelings. In fact, I would rather see negative activity in the arrows if it means people have read what I had to say.

    Voting has often been ignored -- I find it rather comical to know that some have found fault in alleged "trolling" when participating in such a feature is, and has always been, largely disregarded and neglected unless brazenly controversial (therewith, the one-sided arrow "trolls" are just the majority opinion).

    • I just can't believe I live in a world where such a thing as "trolling" exists. I'm 35 so I've had about 50/50 life with and without internet. I remember when trolling was just called being an asshole, and you could just punch them if they bothered you that much, haha. I feel like even things like bullying weren't that big a deal, because you could always make the bully answer for it and punch him in the mouth if you dared. Now people do everything over the internet, and make fake Facebook ...

    • ... pages, and "cyber bullying" and all that. Even the bullies today are pussies, haha. I've always maintained, nothing keeps you honest like the threat of a punch in the face. Take that away, and you have 21st century.

  • It's probably to avoid having people jump on the down voting bandwagon, which I think was a problem on the old site.

    • Like I said to Dante Sparda, is this really that big a deal? If I get 100 down votes for something I'll be just fine.

    • It's not a big deal to me, but people get so fucking whiny over down votes on their answers. What I like about this way of voting is that people aren't influenced by the existing results. They can give an unbiased vote.

    • Fair enough. I just think its a sorry state of affairs when other people's feelings affect your own opinions.

  • in my opinion It's designed that way so your not swayed by how others are voting.

  • to avoid people ganging up on people?


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