How do I get rid of my opinion notification?

A user asked a question about bisexuality that I answered and it seems to have been deleted (Not sure why. It didn't seem to break any rules, so unless we're able to delete our own posts now, which would open up a huge bag of problems, I don't get why it's gone).

However, before it was deleted, the question asker commented on my answer/opinion. Now that the question has been deleted though, I can't check the comment, and therefore the notification at the top is refusing to go away.
Technical error on the new site, or just bad luck on my end? Any way to fix it?


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  • This question has not been deleted. It was just hidden by a mod because it was a "sexuality" related question that was not placed in a "sexuality" related topic such as Sexual Behavior, Sexual Health etc... It was put in "No Topic".

    It will be re-posted shortly by an admin after they assign a proper topic to the question. So, your opinion is not wasted. Just hang in there! :)

    To all GAGers, please if you post a "sexuality" related question, you MUST add at least one "sexuality" related topic such as Sexual Behavior or Sexual Health so it does not get hidden by mods. Thanks!

    • Ah, okay. Thank you. Very thorough answer.

      I really wish we were forced to select a category before submitting like old days. XD

    • You're most welcome! :)

      That's a very good idea actually! I was thinking the same thing. Maybe once you write down your question, GAG suggests a group of topics for you to choose from. Something along this line. Haha!

      The admins are looking forward to receiving such great ideas like yours. You can always drop them a message at and tell them what you think.

    • Oh, and thanks for Most Helpful. :)

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