What percentage of people on this website are logical and have a true sense of how the real world works?

What percentage of people on GAG give helpful answers to questions? rather than illogical responses that are strongly biased in one direction or another.

Does one gender have a better real world understanding than the other? If so, males or females?

I personally think some people with accounts here have a skewed perception on reality. And guys somewhat more than girls


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  • I think the whole point of the site is to get different people's perceptions. There's not one right opinion on most of these things. If there was, there'd almost be no point to the site. I think over 90% of people try to be helpful.


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  • A similar question was asked earlier :)

    It's not possible for users to say in terms of percentages since we don't have statistical data available and again even if made available it's based on judgment of the user themselves.

    If users deemed that more people were illogical or not helpful this site won't have such mass usage :) Hence it's safer to infer that there are more helpful answers than trolls here :)

    Both men & women are equally good at their stuff, each of them helpful at their best to what they are good at :)

  • I'm a realist for sure

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