Why can't I post links anymore?

Is anyone else having this problem? Before on the old GAG, I didn't have any problems posting links, but now I'm not able to anymore


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  • The links look a little different now.
    When you copy/paste the URL into a post, it'll show the entire URL (unless its SUPER long) but it's still clickable.
    The way you can recognize that it's clickable is it'll be pink for girls and blue for guys, rather than the normal black for text.

    I hope that helps :-)

    • Thank you!!!

    • It does look like some aren't posting correctly. We're currently working on it to get it back to working flawlessly!

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  • I have had no problem doing it, and I have seen it on others. Yours is the first complaint I have heard.

    • When I post links now, it shows up as the entire url, not a hyperlink

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    • Whoops, now it did it for me. But if you click on it, it takes you to this page, so it still works but just doesn't become "link".

    • Right, it just looks a little different now.
      It gives everyone at least an idea of what they'll be clicking on :-)

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