How do we write articles now? Have you written an article lately?

I'm actually interested in writing an article now, but I don't see the option to do it now, with the new website.

Do we still have the option of writing an article?


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  • There is no way to submit a new article right now, but the admins will update us once that feature is available again. Just hang in there! :)

    • Thank you!

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    • Of course not! Hahaha... You can find it under "Where are the member stories?". I've also checked with an admin about that issue.

    • I saw that title, but did not associate member stories with articles. Articles can be general or specific, personal or impersonal, etc, whereas I find "stories" to be on a personal level. Anyway, thank you for letting me know.

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  • If there is a way, GAG has hidden it well.


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  • There is currently no option to add or submit new Articles.
    This is a feature that will be back though, so don't worry :-)

    We'll keep you guys updated on when you can again!