Why don't we have these features?

-Notifications without having to refresh (This one has bothered me since the day i joined this site)
-Change topics on questions we've already posted (especially questions from before the site change that got put into wrong categories)
-Choose more than 3 topics for a question
-Edit our questions after posting them not just adding to them

Things we could do before:
-Have more than just our account picture
-See Upvotes & Downvotes without voting ourselves first

I know you guys just made major changes to the site, and I personally really love most of the changes, just wondering why some of these things weren't fixed or were changed.

I especially love how many topics there are now and the Live Feed / My Feed thing. It makes it a lot easier to find things and a lot easier to place your question so it doesn't get lost in the "Other" category.

-Delete questions. I have always wanted to be able to delete questions!!
I also hate the backwards way comments are read. Instead of being able to scroll along and read what you see first, you have to find the bottom and work your way back up. Very inconvenient.


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  • I like your points. I would add being taken to the question when I click on someone's activity, and not their answer, so I can see what's actually being asked before I read the answers/opinions.


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  • You make a lot of good points. If they paid me this site would be a *lot* better. Too many simple flaws that hurts the site.


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  • i can't see my follower's feed anymore

    • You can see the activity of people YOU are following, not followers, in My Feed :-)

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    • Yes i selected everything.

      I thought about choosing fewer topics but find it hard to navigate around just to click on a specific topic box to check whats going on.

    • i'm just saying this as i browse GaG on my mobile most of the time.

  • Notifications can show up just by going to other pages OR by refreshing any page you're on.

    Once you submit your post, you can't change the Topics or change it to or from anonymous. This is so that questions aren't constantly bouncing around, becoming harder to find and identify.

    3 Topics is our current max for each question/article. Putting them into too many Topics can result in people seeing the same posts too often, which can become frustrating when looking for something new.

    Allowing members to edit and/or delete their own posts would simply cause too much confusion. It wouldn't be fair to those who've shared their opinions, and it could also be abused to make posts look less antagonistic AFTER engaging in arguments, etc.

    We only allow one picture now because more simply wasn't necessary for an advice site.

    Only allowing users to see votes AFTER they vote helps members make their own decisions, rather than follow the crowd. We also now separate by gender to help people understand each other even better.

    I hope that helps!
    Great feedback and suggestions, we are listening :-)

    • -Notifications can show up just by going to other pages OR by refreshing any page you're on.
      But that isn't very convenient. I have to refresh to know if anything has happened (going to another page is basically the same thing as refreshing when it comes to this)? On any other social networking site, notifications are automatic. Why not here?

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    • Why won't you answer my question on why our notifications aren't automatic? Is there no reason why?

    • Wow, haha!
      We simply didn't implement it. It hasn't been necessary or even in demand.
      Again, we hear you and are keeping track of all suggestions and updating based on feedback we receive.

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