GAG competition out there? New GAG is driving me AWAY, FAR away!?

So this new GAG site has me shopping around for an equal/better site. Most desired is one that would give a macrovision of what it has to offer instead of this new microvision, hunt/seek and MAYBE find what you want.
A site that brings you in the front door of your interests like GAG old but not like GAG new. The competition site would offer both liberal/sexual topics as well as the relationship/behavior ones.

IF you have a suggestion, could it be offered more like an essay instead of one word referrals? Also, links would be ideal.

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  • I dont like the number of catagoies, to many.

    Allowing us to submit to multiple might be ok though.

    I also don't like that it's a vertical list, topics near the bottom are inevitably going to get less attention. It should be horizontal along the top like before.

    I like/hate the fallow feature. I'd like to just see a list of questions for topics that I fallow under "share opinions", not a feed of all the activity. But at the same time I'm not sure what effect this might have on people viewing and posting in them, the gap might increase between popular and less popular topics so I don't know which is better.

    I think "recent questions" should be on the main page where the feed is, so peoples questions will always get views regardless of whether someone fallows or clicks on those topics. This is how it used to be.

    The live feed should be at the side or something, I dont even really use it.


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  • I feel browsing questions got worse, not better. It might be better if you browse in a certain way, but not for me.

    Realistically I would read -most- questions in the old GaG, and I'd do it by looking at one category, then the next. With topics, this doesn't work, since questions show up in multiple topic areas. The idea is I think meant to be that the topics you are interested in, you add to your feed by following. But that gave way too much, and buried following... followers (formerly friends).

    I'm working around it right now by doing two things...

    - I don't follow any topics. That way the 'my feed' works how it used to work.
    - I use the all feed quite frequently, but I filter it on questions. Would be nice if I could set that as a default (and sometimes it refreshes and isn't questions, and I have to pick something else then pick questions again). This lets me see all questions going back for say the last day. Of course I'm seeing all of them... not just some categories.

    I guess if you want to follow some 'categories' not others, you'd need to follow them then filter my feed for questions. Its a little annoying because the feed showing everything makes sense for friends, for 'all' or topics you're interested in, filtering on questions seems like what you'd always want. And browsing is utterly useless unless you're only going to browse one topic.

  • agree with kheserthorpe & yaddayaddayadda02. searching for questions or even just browsing has become an arduous task. the former page layout was definitely easier to navigate. that said I don't think the site sucks smelly green gutter water.

    not sure about other sites out there but I'm sure there must be some

  • I agree with you on the shortcomings on the redesign. It seems that questions are hidden beneath layers of menus and questionable category names. In other ways, it's better.

    There are other sites, but I'm sure my comment will get deleted if I shill for a competitor. Google is your friend.

  • Well i don't think the new version is terrible. It just works like an online dating site. it also has mor topics to choose from. What you are referring to sounds like some thing like Reddit. com but if by chance you are neither an Athiest or an agnostic you could try pinterist or maybe Wordpress. com

  • I'm tired of people who keep saying they're leaving because they hate the changes, but continue to post question after question complaining and whining. Just leave, stop announcing it like little drama queens.
    I've never been able to find a site like gag which is why I keep coming back. I hate yahoo answers, it's like they allow everything. Most questions are dull and stupid and answers are even worse.
    If you want to leave and find a new site, do it. Asking here is immature and drama queenish of you, not to mention in very poor taste. Your age must be a lie.

    • Have you been around here long enough to have gotten into old GAG routine, so that you could miss it as much as some of us? If you don't really know what was lost, if you are a newbie to this site, then from what holy place & past GAG experience do you dictate to others how they might air their opinions, stranger? As for lecturing about etiquette (look it up) my oh my. As for the main jest of your comments, I do AGREE. I get tired of bitching instead of creation as well.

    • No holy place, no dictation, just my opinion. Yes, I've been using and coming back to gag for years. Yes, I know what etiquette means, but nice try, Mr. Maturity. And you apparently don't agree or you wouldn't STILL be here, doing exactly what you claim to be tired of. I guess it's okay when you do it, but intolerable when others try it out. LOL I hope you feel better now. Good day.

    • Gee I hate guys like you