Is it possible to see who is following you if you are not following them?

for example if you notice people are following you but you are not following, can you see who is following?

and can you see other people's followers?
for example if it says 300 people are following so and so. Can we see who these 300 people are?


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  • I believe it's not possible to directly know the ones you don't follow who follow you. It's a good idea though. I like it! You can contact the admins and propose this idea. They take our feedback seriously, process it and make it happen if possible. I think it would be a good idea to know the ones who follow us whom we don't follow.

    Yes, it is possible to know the follows of other people ONLY IF their profile is not private. Go to their profile and have a look at the left hand side. You'll see the icon "follows". Up there you'll find two icons "Followers" and "Following". That's where the treasure is! Hahaha.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • Yes you can just go to follows when it drops down click followers.

  • Absolutely!
    Go to "Follows" -
    Following = users you are Following
    Followers = users who are Following you

    I hope that helps :-)