Ability to modify "screen density"?

If you use google apps (gmail, calendar, etc) you know there is a setting that you can switch to change how close together things are displayed on the screen.

Google goes with the labels "cozy," "comfortable," and "compact."

I would love it if we had something similar here.

Since the recent update, I've learned how to move around and find the things that interest me.

I think the site is more intuitive in many ways. The experience of this, though, is masked for me because I can see so much less on a screen than I used to.

Letting users customize how "dense" their screen is would be very welcome, I think. And it has been done other places in a manner that preserves the overall aesthetics of the site design.

Consider how popular net-books and smaller screens are now, too. If anything, I think the trend is toward people using smaller windows now than they used to. Even if they do have a large monitor, they often have several things going on at once.

Clean is nice. But too much white-space and the content doesn't present itself to the end-user in a manner that grabs their attention, and their engagement with the site.

I know I've asked and answered fewer questions, compared to the time I have had to do so, than I had before the site change.

So please? Bring about the ability to customize screen density?

Anyone else agree?


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  • I guess it depends. You for instance, you wrote a line then pressed enter twice, then wort another line and did that several times which uses up space for no reason.

    Otherwise if things were made small enough, I couldnt see anything, but I guess it depends on what kind of computer screen you have. Mine is 1024X768 and I have a 12" screen.


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