Is there any way to tell if the message you sent has been read?

On the old GAG when you sent a message you got feed back that told you when it was read. Is there a way to tell on the updated site to tell when messages have been read?


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  • Because the private messages are now set up as conversations, it'll always say "Read" after the first message is read.
    When you send a brand new message to someone without anything else in the conversation history, THAT is when it says Sent until the receiver reads it.

    I hope that makes sense :-)

    • You should check into it I have posted a message since this question & as soon as you hit send it shows read.

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    • We'll be making an update soon to eliminate the confusion :-)

    • Great we're waiting on it.

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  • yes it says read

    • That's what I thought too. But as soon as I push send it says read.

  • On the computer I believe it does say