Is it possible to block anonymous posters who troll you?

I know you can block anon users when the questions is asked. But can you block an anon poster that keeps trolling you after you post?


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  • No, there is no way to block an anonymous poster, as blocking is done from profile pages only.
    You must know the username to block them.

    If you're having issues with ANY member, please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can investigate and take action, if necessary.

    • No I haven't had issues with any posters recently. Was just inquiring if it is possible?

    • I understand.
      If anyone ever has issues with anonymous posters, please come to us :-)

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  • Yes, you have the option to block anonymous people from posting on your questions.

    • Yes I know that but after I post the question is what I'm asking? For example If I didn't like what your posting I could easily block you. What i want to know is if you had posted anon can I still block you now? The admin were talking about adding that feature.

    • oh no, you don't have the option to do that, after you've posted the question. That would be a totally cool feature to add though. I hope that they do.

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