Posting problem at GAG Can you fix it?

I mostly use an Android smart phone, but I suspect the problem is general including I-Phones.

If you respond to a question in "landscape" (keyboard is bigger) the pink and blue buttons (girls and guys answers) block being able to see text inputs. I have to keep checking them, which is time consuming and difficult. I have no doubt that smart phone users are responding far less because of this. You should drastically reduce the size of these buttons so you can see your text inputs. Just another reason why the new GAG has tanked functionality.

As an addict, I am doing my best to work with the new site, but it is frustrating and I will start to lose interest. Yahoo did the same with their E-mail when they were wanting to look more like G-mail. They restored functionality when old timers (like me) let them know they were heading for the exits. I am, not heading for them yet, but I know where they are.


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  • Go to settings and change the font size or get a slide out keyboard phone

    • Sure. Go get a new phone to accommodate GAG. I'll get right on it. ;-\

    • Fyi. Changing font size doesn't help. The buttons should become much smaller text links.

    • Lmao then try the desktop version on your phone its under setting

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