What's up with the new poll thing?

I don't know if it's because I'm on my phone or something but I can't seem to see how many people voted on it but just a bar showing the voting and I also can't see anything distinguishing between a girl's and guy's vote and that annoys me because some issues requires a deeper weight on an opinion made by a particular gender.


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  • The mobile version is designed differently.
    Mobile = It shows which gender voted which, if it has votes. A fuller bar means it's been voted the most.
    Desktop = It shows the bar from the mobile version, but ALSO shows the actual numbers.

    I hope that clarifies it for you :-)

    • Not on my phone it doesn't. It doesn't show the gender. It just shows the pink bar and how full it is. No numbers and no gender.

    • Pink = Girls
      Blue = Guys

      That's how we identify the genders :-)

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  • Yup on the mobile version, you can't see the number of people who have voted. Only on the computer version it's visible.

  • Most be your phone just checked works fine on my desk top

    • So you can see the number of people who voted? And you can see how many girls and how many guys voted?

    • Yes for sure I can

    • Yeah I only see a bar on my votes without a number.

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