Can we just ban certain types of questions that get overly asked?

Like can we ban questions regarding average penis size , or questions that are all like "Am I pregnant" or "does he like me" and yeah those types of questions. If anyone wants to they can just add on to the list of questions


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  • Why ban them? Just ignore them. Censorship is a slippery slope. How about we ban anything by Hyped_up_on_coffee?

  • Sounds like a good idea. Of course, you can always just read the title. 99% of the time I can tell where a question is going just from the title. You can choose not to read it.

  • Yes!! I agree.. this bugged me on the old site and I see it's still rampant here.

  • No we can't


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  • Apparently not.
    Some questions that are repeated don't bother me because you can tell that the QA is genuine and harmless. They don't mean to disrespect, be rude, or antagonistic. I can sense that they have a sincere issue that is bothering them, in some cases eating them up inside, and they really need help. Yeah, it can be kind of annoying but their personal situations differ. They're usually never 100& identical and because they are unique to the individual along with the revolving users here, they may get insight that wasn't revealed before.

    However, yes, it is annoying when some users appear come here and repeat questions that are blatantly useless, disrespectful, antagonistic, and offensive. Makes GAG admin look like massive hypocrites for banning questions and answers that minimally violate the terms and conditions yet they allow some people to BOLDLY, BLATANTLY repeat behavior that only an idiot couldn't see as antagonistic, nasty, and disrespectful. The negative, nonnegotiable posts where QA's make it clear that they are not sincerely seeking help taint the atmosphere.

    • Sheesh we can just have articles about those though

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    • If this ain't best answer, it ought to be.

    • lol, thanks Bluemax

  • Would be nice but probably not doable.