Why did they change the sign in for email?

The drop down sign in menu used to have a place to sign in with email right on it- now you have to click it and go to a separate window to sign in using email.

I really liked that it WASN'T that way before- it was one of the few changes about the new site that I actually liked. With the old site, I felt like they were punishing loyal users by making it harder to sign in than to make a new account (the window to make a new account appeared over the home page and you had to click out of it to sign in with an existing account, which always drove me mad).

Now they are doing it again! Why didn't they just leave it like it was at first when they initially changed the site?

Not that this is a HUGE deal or anything, but it's a bit of a pet peeve and I just don't see the rationale behind it.


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  • I believe they update it just to try to make the email experience better for the users. However, majority of the time, them updating it just makes it much more confusing to use. I have experienced that multiple times with different sites


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  • As it was a bit glitchy, when your browser remembers yours email and password when you go to click it the drop down menu goes off and the email is left floating there, you could still click it but it was rather annoying trying to type things in as well.

    • Huh, I never experienced that.

    • Not everyone will but some people do experience the same glitches, i don't know what it is on computers that makes it react it in different ways but it just happens.

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