GAG mobile website is pathetic for commenting?

I am sure you have a test site. Please put some intelligent people to post questions and add comments from a cell phone and give the developers some meaningful feedback.

I guess "pathetic" just came out after the same frustration I used to have before. The right word would be "unfriendly". As aoon as you click "comment" the blue amd pink frames of girls and guys takes over the area where the comment box comes up.
So you lose the box and moreover, even if you continue typing, nothing is being written in the box because it is inactive. To make everything worse, the page freezes. You cannot do anything but click back arrow to go back and lose everything.


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  • I've had that exact experience of clicking on "comment" and the blue and pink frames of girls and guys takes over the area where the comment box comes up. That also happens when i'm trying to read the person's question too. But as for the freezing... not yet.

    • Thank you. I needed someone to back me up. :)

    • What kind of device are you using? And what browser?
      I'd be glad to help :-)

    • Im using a samsung galaxy ace but i've also had that problem using a samsung S3

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  • I've never had an issue with the mobile site, actually. Perhaps it depends on the device that you're using and how web pages are laid out on it. I'm using iPhone 5 right now, and it seems to be fine.

    Maybe there are some glitches for different devices. Hopefully everything will be worked out soon! Personally I prefer using the site on my computer though.

  • what do you mean with "pathetic for commenting"? Do you have any problems? I've never experienced any problems commenting or posting from the mobile version.

    And they did test it before they launched it.

    • hm, I've never had any of the difficulties or problems you've had. Maybe it's your device or browser? I use Chrome on my Android phone. They had both Android and iOS tested, and Firefox, Chrome, and IE (I think!) also tested.

      If the issue is persistent, you can give feedback to the developer. I'm sure they'd want to hear and fix any problems we have. Just use the contact form.

    • Thanks a lot. I will when I can sit on a computer.

  • I'm unable to replicate these issues as the mobile site (all functions) are working properly for me.
    These issues are not happening across the board, so what kind of device are you using?
    And what browser?


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