Is GAG making fake accounts to ask questions with?

If you look at the featured questions its usually a level one user that only ask question and hardly answers them. I see what theyre tryibg to do but seems kinda fake and dishonest to me

I mean the trending questions not the featued questions


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  • This site is very mysterious, there's no search option for other members, no one knows how many of us are here. its impossible to message someone without them following you (how does that make sense) I've tried to message other users but can't

    • "Allow messages only from people I follow" is a privacy setting - if you're having difficulty messaging other members then it's because those members have decided to activate that setting. Otherwise, you don't have to be following someone to be able to message them.

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  • Lol no , Like one time they featured one of my questions randomly because I didn't pay to have it featured. Maybe they just thought it was an interesting question or something.


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