Do you find that questions here are becoming a little ridiculous because people just want to POST for the sake of getting POINTS?

I've been on this site for a long time now. I've noticed an influx of questions that are just completely ridiculous. Some people post questions equivalent to...

"Yeah so... i woke up this morning, and I had to go to the bathroom. Lol, yeah... so what do you think that means?"

I'm just saying... seriously?


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  • Some people are just that dumb, I guess.. I've seen posts like "He said that he liked me. What do you think this means?" Mostly from new users who have otherwise never posted anything but that 1 question.

    Better them than misogynists or guys saying how ugly they are and yet don't want to listen to any advice ever and just act hurt and sad all the time...

    I also wonder... why are members or xper level 2+ allowed to post 10 questions/day? I think it's too much, don't you think? When the site changed, I got 5 questions/day and I barely needed all of my 5 questions. And now 10? I'm pretty sure questions like "what is the color of your poop this morning?" would sooner or later come up..

    • What? 10 questions a day? So wait, how much are older users allowed per day? Is it 5 questions?

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    • I agree... i like the friend option so much better. :)

    • Daphne81,
      Just like I thought. They have closed the floodgate of points. Unbelievable. Answering questions is now 2 points. Lol, I knew they would stop with the point giving at some point.

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