Why won't GAG let me edit my Question & Answers?

Why does girlsaskguys want to make me look stupid.


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  • Members constantly changing/editing their posts would be confusing and even a bit shady, if done after insulting/antagonizing someone. To avoid ever-changing posts and confusion, we don't let you edit the posts after submission.
    We have an Edit page when asking a question, so that everyone can have a chance to catch any mistakes they made before submitting.

    I hope that clarifies things for you :-)

    • Whats shady about editing my typos? Sometimes I dont catch them even after re reading my Answer. Its like a cruel joke I've been on sites that allow editing without a problem like Facebook

    • "... shady, if done after insulting/antagonizing someone."
      Other websites allow that because they aren't moderating all of their content themselves, they also don't award users Xper points for rewards. Because it's a different dynamic, we don't allow ever-changing posts.

  • Simple answer. Don't ask stupid question don't look stupid.


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